Ewok ROASTS FaZe Sway E Girl who MOCKED her for being DEAF! Clix SWATTED.. Bugha & Chap TEAM UP!

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Ewok ROASTS FaZe Sway E Girl who MOCKED her for being DEAF! Clix SWATTED.. Bugha & Chap TEAM UP!

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  • Ewok stuff starts at 8:41 Thank me later

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  • That gameplay was so eventful, especially at the start.

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  • 3:17 When you play too much Fortnite.

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  • Bugha is super smart he won the World Cup Bugha: CONTROLLER SUCKS

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  • Ik I might sound slow but can someone explain How ppl get gamers swatted and y they do it and how the swat trust them?

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  • It’s gangster is the most white thing I’ve heard

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  • I’m so dumb at first I thought you were talking about swatting in Fortnite lol when a whole bunch of people team on you at once until I remembered what it was

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  • Ewokdo be kinda crazy with roasts

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  • your giveaways aren't real its fake for example 1:12 you didnt even message him you fucking edited that lol please make it more convincing

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  • Bruh Ewoks tweet wasn’t even that savage 😂

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  • @4:10 Nice aimbot 😭😂🤣

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  • Click swatt was a long time ago in season 1

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  • I don’t like how we’re clicking on your videos just to see something else then we expected and then we have to find the part to watch the we expected no hate just trying to help👍

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  • Kayla could HEAR her

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  • Ewok started the arguement?

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  • Click sounded like he was crying I feel so bad

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  • I had fun swatting clix

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  • omg 2 girls were are having some twitter drama i now have more disabilities than Hellene Keller herself.

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  • I don’t care Ewok started the beef and if she can’t take someone roasting her back then she shouldn’t have said something in the first place

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  • Why would someone swat because it’s a trend

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    • some people are retarded

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  • As far as Ewok goes. I mean ewok came for her first anyway. It wasn't even her business to begin with. So if this Egirl fires back then ayeee... it is what it is. You can't talk shit and hurt someones feelings, then when they offend you back it's called "making fun if your disability". Stoo tryna talk shit then if you don't want anybody to come for your head. SIMPLE. The Egirl and Ewok are both wrong, so don't paint the picture as if the Egirl was the only one wrong, and she was just oh so emotionally effected by such an offensive comment about her disability when she was disrespectful as well.

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  • it’s funny how she’s the one that started the beef and couldn’t take the heat.. the e girl means.. girls have to wait for a guy to dm them.. so she made it public by making the first move.

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    • Squiidgy bruh. its 2am. ill continue in the morning. im too tired for this.

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  • so ewok is cyberbullying for no reason and got what she deserved. and she still pulls the victim card and gets away with that? fuck that i understand she has a disability but like its a heated argument how you gonna trip abt what the other person said when u were in the wrong too she wouldnt last 30 seconds in mw3 lobbies

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  • how’s a girl hitting faze sway up he looks like the disabled kids at school

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    • Imagine bullying someone for how they look like damn

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  • ewok should sue that e girl

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  • I love how u get unknown good players to be Successful

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  • im hard of hearing and may go deaf and this is just amazing

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    • @Tanks yea man i hope so too but its really getting worse pray for me lol

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    • Good luck hope you don’t go deaf

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    • Oasis Sleepy I have autism and it boils my blood when someone roasts someone with their disability

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    • @vaspy yea the movie means alot too me bc there are some slight similarities and it just hit home lol and yea i live with what i live with so i try to be as positive as i can with it

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    • Nice to see how positive you are about it and Ily your pfp from a silent voice 😎

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  • Wait am I wrong or what this was uploaded 25 July 2020 and the lobby background was shown in the Clix clip I think it was from season 1 chapter 2?? sow it's kinda old??

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  • Dude you insane

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  • 1:38

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  • 0:21 is the cringiest thing I’ve ever heard, “gangsta” AAHAHA deffo gets bullied no cap, who even says savage in 2020 WTF

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  • Bro what kind person tries hit on that rat sway???

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  • wow that egirl is rude asf ngl twitter: @NRosburgo

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  • Ewok started the beef and she is privileged because she's deaf.

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  • Look you guys are mad cause she got butt hurt For that girl making fun of her disability but in an argument it’s like you know when to stop you know that’s overboard so basically what I’m saying she shouldn’t have started the conversation but that girl should have not went that much overboard

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  • 2:36 is the start of the vid

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  • wait wait, so Caylin can be called a slut, but as soon as she makes a comeback shes the bad one? terrible logic, Ewok pulled the victim card, if your talking shit on the internet then expect to get roasted, Ewok is a snowflake ( but it was not ok that Caylin was making fun of her for being def, but that doesn't excuse why Ewok is starting shit on twitter for no reason at all)

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  • Ewok is such a savage 😂💀

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  • I dont think ewok is being a savage just a dick

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  • I love how the swatt part was in chapter2 season1

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    • He showed a clip about how he got swatted back then so he showed a clip but he got swatted recently as well

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  • I hope clix wins Fncs qualifyer 2

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  • no way ewok told her to shut up

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  • Ewok deserves it start shit finish it out

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