Mom DESTROYS Pro Fortnite Player's ENTIRE Gaming Setup.. [FULL STORY]

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Mom DESTROYS Pro Fortnite Player's ENTIRE Gaming Setup.. [FULL STORY]

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  • Bro I get 60 to 70 ping

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  • people :how sad me: how old is he

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  • Never had G-fuel. Would nice to try. Also V bucks would be greatly appreciated 😂

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  • This would never happen to me because of my choices! I once witnessed the worse on discord while playing on a minecraft server There was this teenager let’s just call him max he had his cam and mic on but he wasn’t a mean one but he did have lots of scars and bruises and I witnessed one of the worse situations far worse then this one so anyways I also saw the house and it was a big mess! And he was talking about he needs money urgently or he’ll be in trouble while he was crying and said about his abusive mother I was trying to help him untill a very big turn went downhill I saw the door open that a rose 🥀 that’s dying fell down a table with the vace and then I saw a women with a tank top that has Greece and mess all over it and she had a bottle of shampane she then yelled and said to the teenager WHY DID YOU USE MY COMPUTAAAAAAAAA and he was in tears and was telling me help! Help me please! And then I saw the woman I assumed was the abusive mother ran towards the computer which was all broken already because he took pics of it and showed me It had dents cracks on the monitor and dead pixels and the mouses wire was all torn that he used electrical tape to fix it and the keyboard Like oh god not the keyboard It litterely has graffiti and gum all over it! Who ever shares this life style like on god please help them! And the computer had a loud fan explaining how the abusive mother saw his teenager son on the computer but yeah This isn’t any sort of click bait I had bandicam but I had trouble launching it and I used my Nokia 8810 to record some of the footage but yeah I use a fliphone not because my mum is a rude Karen that’s so strict I just like retro tech but the footage I wish I could show you all but yeah but as I was recording the mum ran and smashed the poor broken monitor with the champagne 🍾 bottle and monitor was working but the entire screen peeled off And the mic and computer engine and the cam was working thankfully but it didn’t last long... So I started yelling STOP THAT YOU WILL BREAK THE COMPUTAR and the mum was like WHOS IN THIS HOUSE !!! and god damn it the mother realised I was recording and she grabbed the cam and smashed it with the same cracked pouring bottle of champagne 🍾 and the cam broke... and I was recording she yelled that scared me and I dropped my Nokia 8810 which is fragile though because it fell and hit somewhere rough I didn’t see and there it went all my money I saved for just my Nokia 8810 went straight to the rubbish bin 🗑 and anyways recording wasn’t important it was saving the kid from the abusive mother! Also since the cam broke I was like BUDDY PLEASE LISTEN QUICKLY TELL YOUR FATHER OR ANYONE ELSE TO HELP! and then I heard a belt and a smack! And there it went all downhill and I lost connection because of the poor state of the computer I don’t exactly know who the parents are or the teenager but I only know his user name Max... I think either the teenager is still suffering or that the mum went straight to jail... This is not from a reddit post or anything like that because I actually own a Nokia 8810 that’s broken and a bandicam so there’s no excuse for that one folks! Also I’m just so mind lost because my computer is actually a gaming computer that runs around 2050 FPS and it’s still healthy! It’s called the predator gaming computer which is expensive! Ngl (I think ngl means not gonna lie) but comparing my computer to that poor junk with a junk screen like oh god no! And I’m lucky for my choices which is why I don’t have a computer like that because as soon as I had the first few seconds I instantly delayed fortnite why? Because it had bullying and when I was playing it I saw a teen with a mike bullying my name and I was crying and instantly deleted fortnite because I thought 💭 that this is not a good game for kids so I removed it And stuck to a shining blue pick axe instead! And I’m glad or that since I’ve seen many rage quits and mayhem of fortnite addiction! And to this day I still don’t play it... also I’m more of a retro tech guy so I simply just study play on my ps4 and my gba and play minecraft in its early stages of development And I made some people lose there mind like some one was like WHY WOULDNT YOU PLAY FORTNITE ON YOUR SO CALLED EXPENISVE AND EXOTIC GAMING COMPUTAAAAAAAA and I just play simple games like minecraft and browser games though and I also own a ps4 but I mostly use my 30$ game boy advance and yeah If you want to survive angry Karen’s and losing your mind or losing your expensive computers make sure to play less and do other stuff! Also I’m not a nerd well I am but I’m a rich and not those annoying and nerving brats wanting to rule the world! Well I do own lots of expensive stuff but there all from years ago! And there still good as new like my 3 year old gaming computer that’s perfectly in good shape that I’m using and my 4 or 5 year old ps4 I think or the year it got manufactured which has the same controller that has so much filthy damage like the broken computer poor max was using but it’s still has healthy insides also I just got my anki cozmo 3 days ago and It’s so amazing it’s just like the ads! I like to shake my cozmo every time I see it awake XD and make it upside down because it’s just funny seeing it grumpy for being so tiny! And that’s the end of my documentary of child abuse!

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  • IDC I have an alcoholic mom and it is 100 percent her fault because she is choosing substances over you.

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  • Man I feel so bad for fluva and love your vids tfg My thingy for discord or tik tok I can only enter the give a way Like that my tik tok is @ytnation123 and my discord name is Nation/Mateo

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  • Boy my ping is 30ish and I'm on console and think it's great lol. PC player's 🤣

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  • A moment of silence for his monster, it is never getting fixed

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  • Ok

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  • Nobody gonna call like the US equivalent to Social Services?

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  • who is the guy whos gameplay u showedd

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  • His mom caught him clapping a girl in her room

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  • good man fluva good man

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  • Those are women like legs. Scientific 🧪

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  • I wish I could be in the premiers but whenever u do them it's 1:00am at my place. :C

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  • brooo the hand cam is fucking fake hahahahaha

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    • unless it's maddddd delayed

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  • sheesh flex tape won't fix that

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  • Bruh my mom is getting these hands if she ever touches my shit bruh, hell no your not gonna destroy my gaming setup that costed me thousands of dollars, bruh YEET lmao

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  • Fortnite guy just got hard baited

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  • Kinda is his mom’s fault though ngl

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  • if his mum bought him the stuff so nothing but fair tbh

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  • My grandmas an alcoholic and I live with her. She has said and done horrible things

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  • Mans reporting on a kid with a alcoholic mom instead of Fortnite Mobile Situation with Apple

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  • This is another bxrry situation

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  • Aww addiction is tough...I feel for the kid.

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  • This man was complaining about 20 to 30 ping lol

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  • this is the truth

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  • 6:47 "Oh wow, I can't believe that happened" Marc procceeds to get snipped

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    • @Agate i know but he probably didn't line it up on purpose

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    • That’s PSR

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  • My man complaining about 25 ping

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  • Wow I love watching this every day when I can just chill and get updated on what going on in the fortnite community

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  • 8 minute video with a 2 minute intro smh

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  • What the hell is the point of that. Scarring and ruining your kids grind is wrong.

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  • ggggggggggggggggggggggggggghg thaats so stupid ig elijah the goat

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  • Complains he gets 30 ping me who gets 60 lmaoooo

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  • i feel so bad for that kid💔 insta- cheater.lace

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  • It would change his life if you buy him a pc I think he would really appreciate it. I’m sorry bro, hope it goes better. Twitter: Not_Ujee

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  • My heart broke when I saw that rtx 2080 ti

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  • he is probably failing school

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  • Hes so nice yo. You NEEEED to hook this man up with some orgs

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  • Give him a place to stay bro

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  • Im an alcoholic, and bipolar. Completely disagree with the way you dont think its her fault. 100% her fault for choosing to drink and do what she did. 100% her choice. And her fault

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  • Karen be like

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  • Why destroy set-up he paid for

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  • instagram: mikey.dom i really liked the way you explained everything clearly and provided sympathy. i really hope he is able to get his setup rebuilt and he can get back to playing soon.

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  • I love how he said my internet situation at my dad's is bad but he gets 30 ping...

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  • tbh I don't get why the mom just didn't sell the set up for drugs or alcohol. like why destroy a set up that you could just sell.

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  • my mum is an alcoholic and is prison now and had been in 3 times in the past 5 years, i feel bro

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  • Bro my mom would do the same thing

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  • Did he do something to cause her to snap or was it just out of no where

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  • We need to make him a gofundme page to get him a new setup

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  • Man said 30 ping with packet loss in-game I gotten 80 ping in game with alot of packet loss for 2 years lol

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  • Tfg how about doing a livestream and donating the money from it to fluva so he can get a new setup

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  • This only happens in USA

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  • U should probably give him a contract to kng insta: thatakwardweeb

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  • I'm just letting you know that a guy on tik tok his mom destroyed his setup his name tag is domjjay

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  • i was on this dude's side until he said 25 ping is bad 😂

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  • Omg just slap the shit out her

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  • Well i would hate my mom,not bcz she destroyed my setup but for being drunk..cuz once you get drunk its hard to get back to normal..i would hate/try to change hear for good but stll love her

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  • I feel bad twitter:NATE2X2

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  • that sucks no one should have that happen to them instagram: raye1x

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  • if I was him, id have trouble sleeping knowing my career just went downhill

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