Clix Facing Career ENDING Injury? Bugha DID NOT sign to an org! 72hrs is BACK!

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Clix Facing Career ENDING Injury? Bugha DID NOT sign to an org! 72hrs is BACK!

  • Hey guys! Lmk what you think about todays vid! TFG stream: Gonna be live tonight doing more zone wars and content tryouts!

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    • I can’t play because of my hands it been a Month

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    • Spyro beuh

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    • The Fortnite

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  • fgiuohii

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  • how did unknown get fame?!!? he just rose out out of no where

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  • Bruh if bugha joined nrg think about that Ronaldo, Clix, unknown, benjy, zayt and epikwhale that is the most stacked roster in fortnite and if nrg made a deal with someone like Mongraal it's the best roster in esports EVER

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  • Casually talking about clix why showing unknown gameplay

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  • When i first started fortnite chap 72hrs and poach were my favorites

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  • Hahaha deserves it for making a living on a boring game

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  • Hey nice vid I’m liked and all that pls let me get in the giveaway pls ZzEFFECTZz

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  • I love this content I wish I joined KNG and could talked with TFG @ashraf_rashid17

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  • Dude.... Stop saying crazy so much.

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  • i know why you are here you want to know what clix's injury dont worry i got you 8:50

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  • Who else is like this: Clix: His hand starts to hurt and plp tell him to go see a Doctor. My Hand and Brain: We gotta make him think his hand hurts

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  • I am very surprised that Bugha resigned to Sen because he could have joined Faze that most likely has millions of dollars that they could use and they would very quickly get it all of it back or he could have gone to NRG but that would have been crazy but I don’t think that the have the money because they got Clix and he could have gone to KNG ha that would be awesome 😎

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  • Clix should switch to controller

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  • 6:48 fat ass crash pad lmao

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  • Great video ig: lil._.yady

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  • I just like your videos cuz I just like 'em..Being Honest...never won before

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  • Ig went.vxz love ur vids keep up the good work 💯 ❤️

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  • Hi

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  • Zexrow I do not like Zexrow he like the Antonio Brown of Fortnite he’s just Really good but with a bad additude

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  • there was a clip of clix saying his wrist felt like bursting insta @bluestripzchris @creepinwiddalimp

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  • Carpal tunnel i quit fortnite for about 2 months because of the severe pain

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  • Can we talk about how mongraal hasn’t had a bad wrist injury

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    • Hes just super human

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    • It's cus he uses his arm and not his wrist

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    • He has... on stream he said his wrist “crunched”

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    • Charisma Sly 😂

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    • Mongraal uses his entire body to crank, if he had problems it’d be his desk breaking

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  • so is it carpl tunnel?

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  • Excuse me guys cuz I'm on sticks. Is clix talking about his mouse hand right? Like it's the one they flick the wrist

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    • He said “wrists” so I’m guessing both but if I misread then yeah most likely mouse hand

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  • Bro acting like he tore his acl😭

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  • I thought the Agency was not on the map

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  • All u maniacs this is lesson put your kb straight and not sideways

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  • i would love that 72hrs come back, before when the twitch alert pop on my phone i would inmediatly go to his stream, he is such a good person, poach and chap too, i would like to see them together again. ig;@/ibraelghandour

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  • Is nobody Realizing Unknown is getting his shit clipped?

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  • “No one can see him behind that fat ass crash pad” 😂😂 omfg Who ever did that voice over is funny

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  • My Instagram is lttle_cj_15 I’ve subbed with noties and I’ve always wanted gfuel but I’ve never been able to get it because it’s too expensive

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  • I think clix is fine. My wrist hurts too when i do MAX edit speed. Plus i edit on V with my thumb.

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  • Kene

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  • Suddenly my wrists hurt

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  • I broke my wrist in a four wheeler accident and I’m out for about 2 months so clixs isn’t that bad I don’t think

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    • btw i’m sorry. i was tilting and it was wrong of me to say that. i died off spawn to henchmen so many times. my apologizes. i sound like an idiot.

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    • Vul. Zxn that’s what i’m saying lmao

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    • simply a d o n there* but ok.

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    • Exonizu. Hahaha

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  • 9:02 I don't know how something can get killed not to death but ok

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  • The amount of likes on the video is how many times he said “Vayner”

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    • No

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  • Imagine if Bugha joined NRG

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  • me playing with a broken wrist

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  • told you people playing with your fkin keyboards sideways is begging for carpel tunnel... so no shit.. stop being try hards and play properly same goes for clawing controllers... thats not HOW you fkin use them..

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  • Ronaldo said “Hi team mate to zayt”

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    • He says that to everyone that’s on a team as a joke

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  • Poor clix :(

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  • Great video it really helped me:)

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