This FAKE FaZe Dubs is HACKING! Pros FED UP with Aimbot! NRG Ron Opens up about Clix & Unknown!

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This FAKE FaZe Dubs is HACKING! Pros FED UP with Aimbot! NRG Ron Opens up about Clix & Unknown!

  • So much news lately! Lemme know if you guys are digging multiple daily uploads!

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    • @Jackson Brooks if you can

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    • @Jackson Brooks let play

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  • NGL Ronaldo needs a better mic.

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  • Every time he mispronounces nvidia I want to die. You pronounce the n like you do in the alphabet it’s N-vidia

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  • ItzMon11

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  • Im glad there are cheaters all over,,,, cause now console players know how it feels to play on PC 😎

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  • Ur so sticky 🐠

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  • Hope now Ron earns a good amount of money and spends it on a better microphone. Good luck in the future!

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  • 4:30 that is what happens to me but I am not using as a good thing it is a bad thing cuz I cant build jump shoot or move I am not saying that people who do this are good boys cuz if they use it in comp it is bad.

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  • He just has a better gaming chair

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  • Ah yes, the nuhvidia settings

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  • No matter how many games you win legit if you use cheats once your automatically qualified noob

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  • Nrg is so stacked now holy Twitter: @Pleasii1

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  • like I said before "me and 90% others stopped playing Fortnite because u can play like a GOD but in this game are soooooooo many CHEATERS / HACKERS and MACRO users on a high comp level... it´s just exhausting and not funny anymore... ON TOP the community is rlly crazy and toxic But opkay if u have guys like DUBZ splitting drops 6/6 matches and not getting banned for a year and stuff its EPICs fault... the game is just not dead yet because everyday there are young kids which start playing fortnite... " ³

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  • Waterz

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  • I’ve done this 10 times but I hope I win and that is so stupid to impersonate somebody and my ig dante2pluto

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  • Hacking in Fortnite is sooooo FUN !

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  • There is a setting where it give you the ability to see through hay but I’m not sure about the bushes

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  • guys skiware v3 isn't real it's all fake everyone doing these vids are not using anything they just get it for views but if you dm the owner of skiware he will just send you a config for rewasd for money what you can get for free so don't even try ,but if you do its a virus my friend tried it and it had a lot malware and the has was using your computer for bitcoin mining or some other way so don't download

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  • Love the vids and would like some gfuel (day 1 of trying everyday) IG: Louisvdm64

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  • u should have a billion subs and i hop that guy gets banned insta chidori.saka

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  • All this cheating is messed up and epic games should start taking correct action on the correct players. IG : Alpinelol

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  • My insta is colinbis05

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  • Cmon its not aimbotting he just has a better gaming chair

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  • That TsunamiNYC TTV guy was me 3:16 smh that was my last game to feels bad man

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    • TsunamiNYC feels bad bruh

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  • The TsunamiNYC TTV guy was me and that was my last game too smh Feelsbadman

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  • On mobile for me when I’m like at 200 meters of bushes it’s not charging and I already killed 1 or 2 peoples who were in bushes like that

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  • It's just annoying how a 8 billion company and they can't fix there game. There servers are amazon and it's owned by JEFF BEZOS THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD AND THEY STILL CAN'T FIX THE SERVERS. smh. I properly lost more games In arena then won cuz I randomly get shot somewhere and then die from someone half way across the map cuz of cheater. It's just sad 😞

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  • Can somebody tell me whats going on with Ron's mic? Haahahha.

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    • Facts

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  • 3:45 you can see dude like outlined thru bish on his screen or its replay?

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  • Ron doing stinky in the open

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  • 4:20 when you snort to much G Fuel before you hop on fort. He also talk about the anti cheat system and I be like what anti cheat system

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  • Faze be cheatten the system damn

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  • ronaldo's mic is like a 25 dollar Wal-mart mic. Idk how he blew up with such a terrible mic.

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