Bugha In TROUBLE! Fortnite Issues Official BEHAVIOR WARNING After Cheating Accusations!

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Bugha In TROUBLE! Fortnite Issues Official BEHAVIOR WARNING After Cheating Accusations!

  • Damn this is crazy stuff! Who liked my hotel? Big stuff soon guys! I love you all!

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    • Your house is small

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    • @ItsRickyツ Next time I'll ask

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    • @The Fortnite Guy how can I try out for kng

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    • Who knew he looked like that

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    • ChiefMassacre tfg he does his click bait thumb nails titles his 10 year old audience belives it he looks like he died but he’s not dwad

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    • MedicGaming 2nd Channel who looks ugly

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    • He looks ugly af

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  • damn boyy you thick

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  • I’m waiting g for competitive to be taken out of fortnite it literally killed the game permanently. does everybody wanna know why we don’t get patch notes or new guns or items anymore ? Because epic is too busy making more tournaments for the pros to cheat and complain to them

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  • Yo what is going on guys lol haha Did you see the start

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  • To the person that's reading this: You're very. intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine. My Dream is to become a FIworldr! I have been struggling to make it

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  • I love how i cant see the other videos when im in full screen

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  • How did ferrnando get a shout out? Im really proud of him tbh hes a really good player in my opinion Im gonna grind so i can reach 50 subs😁

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  • Your opinion is irrelevant

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  • saf joined tsm so now he’s gonna die to FD

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  • But buhga and that dude were in the same game though? lol idk i find it weird that as soon as he dies the other guy pushes colazo idk its just sus i feel like if two people are in a call and in the same game then they shouldn't be in a call for that match at least and that's why people consider it cheating FOR BEING IN THE SAME MATCH while in vc. I feel like if they weren't most likely people would think differently.

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  • It wasnt because they were in a call. It was because they were in the same area game and they knew that so they teamed on him.

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  • Holy fuck how much does that cost

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  • That hotel room is sweet

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  • Have you heard about epic suing apple

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  • I thought these masks was a braw😂

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  • Fun fact: Everyone else including me who is commenting right now hasn't even watched half the video yet!

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    • Evyn Garrett who asked

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    • @Nelly Faura wdym

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    • @Evyn lmao what a hater

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    • Fun fact..? I watched the whole video. Man what an original comment

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  • Plot twist: kng crr

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  • Epic: "Please refrain from competitive collusion/ fixing" Bugha: "Like what?! Like How?" get out of discord in solo comp when your cord/ game is full of the same kids.

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  • Faze Kay be lucid dreaming, Jarvis needs to be unban

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