Clix LEAVES NRG House! FaZe Bizzle GOES OFF on Pro Cheater? Ron Makes $300K A MONTH?

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Clix LEAVES NRG House! FaZe Bizzle GOES OFF on Pro Cheater? Ron Makes $300K A MONTH?

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    • I want to join kng

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    • my insta is contylfn

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    • Kannada Deserves it, and Jarvis is the AI not FaZe Jarvis so he should stfu

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    • TFG PLEASE DM ME ON INSTAGRAM ITS 637Zkey It wont let me sign up because somone signed up with my epic and it wasn't me

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  • Bizzle what a cry baby

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  • Yes sir

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  • wait how is keymapping wrong? assuming you're just changing f4 to v @Karnak06 on twitter.

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  • Hope I win insta 650.adrian.g

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  • Done ✔

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  • twitch takes a 50/50 cut from subs. so they would get 2.50 not 3.50. and then if you didnt put your tax identification number in while applying for affiliate or partner status. they also take 30% total at the end of the month... the only thing twitch takes no cuts from is bits.

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  • It was a season one nrg house

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  • Putting clix in your title is click bait and there is a new house

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  • How do u get that stretch resolution

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  • Bro stop letting people know clix and Ron's salary shit, tf is wrong with you neek

    Ali BambicalaAli Bambicala4 kuukautta sitten
  • But Dubs does double movement binds also (key mapping). He literally had a video of him running sideways on keyboard.

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  • greg.wavy

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  • done instagram @zari_takeswalls hope i win😁

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  • Love your videos insta Hellomachine3000

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  • Bro im less than 13 but like soo many people say im cracked and underratedbut im less than 13 so i cant do twitch or stuff

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  • Remember when kreo got his fab a little kid to buy his accounts and scammed him also took his money

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  • Kreo is such a scammer

    The NewbieThe Newbie4 kuukautta sitten
  • Where is the timestamp guy.

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  • I really want my first taste of gfuel please let me win. Twitter @CJBLADE

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  • Did we forget they make money from the game 😅

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  • for why he leave

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  • instagram: Andreas_kringberg

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  • No mention of creator codes

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  • 300k insane insta kianjones_

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  • these topics are heated! my twitter is Lencsor

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  • i swear tfg has the worst comment section

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  • He prolly gambles

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  • I've never had gfuel I would love to try it I liked and subbed insta: qtclxpzzz

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  • Love the content keep it up❤️ @ZODAKX

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  • 300k a month 😂😂😂 I thought Ron was rich

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  • bmorelikezee

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  • hope i win legend Simeon085 tweet me

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  • TFG, clix could easily be making around $300k per month, he definitely makes over $100k from twitch alone, then you have to include FIworld, the NRG salary and sponsorships.

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  • I want it all 😢😢 love the vids doe Instagram - Ace_lil_niqqa

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  • I like how crr said that when bugha won 3 million in one day Twitter @cacabitch sorry for that bad name

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  • instagram riolu196

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  • I do not believe he made that much and if so then that is mad Instagram: josh_silver12345678987654

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  • what clix is leaving alredy😳😩instagram francis.portin

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  • Why does it matter if he made that much money ig sk_1_yt

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  • You can’t play in the repeat tournaments if your from Louisiana not his fault it’s state laws Instagram:vKenjare

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  • Insta- ogkingq.420

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  • Bro. You have to stop making these vids. They aren’t one bit real. Stop. Youre annoying.

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  • Love ur videos

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  • Ron made more than my house in one month😂

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  • Your forgetting about investments

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  • Marc uses key remapper BrinFN on twitter

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  • I can't belive that gfuel is that good i need a bit Instagram:rares_agarbi

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  • All this is crazy insta:@hamphaarala

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  • Everyone is leaving the Nrg house I wonder why?? Ig:king_fawad17

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  • i just loved how he recycled the clip from before

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  • I wish i had money for gfuel haha. Twitter @DevNiklas

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  • So I'm only 58 seconds in so my opinion might not matter but kreo key remapping isn't an issue in my opinion unless you mean macroing

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  • How is everyone? Twitter: ttvliveclayton

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  • I play on mobile ( android) I can't buy vbucks . I would love to win.ig Amaar.25

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  • I would love to win and I’m shocked CLIx and edgy are leaving the house? IG:cirogiordanouk

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  • Hey TFG i think its good , that NRG house split up. IG : LucaWerner7

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  • Bro pls select me dude I need those v bucks @abduu_2116

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  • Yo my Instagram is drispy_yt

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  • Bro you don’t know what Ronaldo’s doing with his money wtf lol

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  • I would love vbucks

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  • Grown ass man

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  • Damn why would Clix leave! I’ve never tried Gfuel. Twitter Qtkuno1

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  • I really want a pc I feel I’ll really grow if I was to get one Instagram:kluhqq

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  • @silversfn on twitter

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  • man sad to see clix leave, he’s my favorite pro and the content was hilarious. Insta: @not.holo

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  • I would loooove some gfuel :) love you bro ! Twitter: jordykellaway

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  • Bro the house was bad

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  • Plz I want to win

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  • worst vid ever

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  • I wanna see a unknown vs clix boxing match I think unknown will win Instagram -tayhzs

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  • 1:02 how did his character do that?

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  • When you say "We have another CRAZY video as usual" makes my day Hope i win. Twitter: @MeWantExclusives

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  • Kannada Deserves it, and Jarvis is the AI not FaZe Jarvis so he should stfu

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  • trash vid'

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  • I would like to win G fuel and v-bucks. My Instagram is: nitrogamesig

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  • btw can u dm

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  • Bro he put the clip with clixes twitch subs from last video

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  • I subbed and Like , Hope I could get it for the Battle Pass 😆 ig: _.john9

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