Tfue RETURNS To Fortnite! Twitch MAD At Tfue For This! (THEY CUT HIM OFF STREAM)

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Tfue RETURNS To Fortnite! Twitch MAD At Tfue For This! (THEY CUT HIM OFF STREAM)

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  • That awkward dont hav instagram or twitter jus replied back to me if I win which I probably dont

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  • I was actually kinda friends with yaxxzi it’s kinda sad too see all that

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  • Seems decent.. 👍

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  • Why are they mad he didn't lie,honesty best policy amirite???

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  • Wraith is a legend! So glad he got ot

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  • Ig:zaahi_d Damm really miss tfue being a strong member in the fn community.

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  • Why is it so laggy lol IG- Kynx1x

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  • why dont i see the hearted comment? is this a scam?

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  • That was hella awkward 😅 ig mystery_diego

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  • bro tfue is back on fortnite lets goooo insta jaylynhinds2009

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  • I watched the video and in my opinion I don’t think it’s that bad

  • dude to be honest Ninja issa jerk to Tfue and all ways puts him under the bus and I think it’s fair that he “accidentally” wasn’t muted...(my opinion)

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  • Tfue should return with his trio or duo the were popping off so much IG: kakodrift

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  • FN Kids

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  • will tefu play fncs. Instagram. littro

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  • Stop click bating

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  • 1:55 your welcome don’t waste your time just click it.

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  • I LOVED tfue and scoped and was going crazy yesterday!!!

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  • Maybe tfue can recover😂 insta- Logan.drq

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  • i saw tfue's instagram post saying that he will be playing fortnite and i was surprised twitter: @master69506553

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  • Employees to tfue : what did you do to practice Tfue: nothing Employees: 😐 Instagram : Scarlett yt

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  • I hope tfue comes back 😪, twitter: LightFN

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  • Bruh why it sound like he reading a script on the limit apology

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    • He’s apologizing either way

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  • finnaly tfue comes bac to fortnite one of my most favourite streamers insta:yuchan1613

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  • That girl was thic

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  • Who cares if they joked around and shit, that’s tuff, she should have just left when they said those things and also fortnite Guy is a pizza face loser

    Ethan /:Ethan /:12 päivää sitten
  • I hate fortnite but I wanted to just see if this guy was is still clickbaiting.(I am done watching this and he still is baiting)

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    • I never played fortinite but I love to see other play 😁

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  • Love your videos. Keep up the good work Insta: frankie_23_rod

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  • Tfue wasn’t really mad he just laughed it off ig:yt_oh_my_moody

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  • What did they even do

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    • Limit gg

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  • Tfue probaly would have been able to give a good exclamation if they let him speak Instagram: neel_peel

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  • He’s only back cause his skins back 😂

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  • I’m pretty happy true played fortnite again Ig:ys1.willy

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  • That's cool

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  • this interview is such a joke the owner doesn't even use his face man like idk @CesarBeVibing is my ig

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  • what did limit say?????

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  • Wonder how Tfue will do in tournaments now that he hasn't played in a few months Insta: iamsunila21

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  • Feels bad for tfue he gave an honest answer. Yet got flamed guessed they should of known to ask a better question as he said he hasn’t played in 6 months. Instagram: not.gerardo22

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  • I hope tfue comes back to fortnite Twitter LK_TheGoat

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  • When u already liked the vid and subbed

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  • I really want to watch the team limits video Ig: Eljo_hysa

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  • Love your vids when i aways watch them i makes me release depression

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  • Tfue could become a pro player if he really wanted to Ig: harvey_eats_cats_

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  • Was I lagging or was Tfue

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  • Random time 3:49

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  • I’ve seen seen limit grow for about 1 year now and it’s sad to see what one of the members did

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    • @D6nii 🤮

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    • @Scoping they were making sexual comments on a child

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    • What did they do I’m confused

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  • the apology was ok i mean wasn't the best: ig lol_luvi

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  • NICKMERCS on Fortnite OMG

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  • Itsvallacy

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  • At around 7:30 what are they apologizing for? I’m so confused

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  • i beleave in secon chances thay know that what they did was rong and looks like they have learned a important lesson

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  • ngl the whole situation seems like clout farming. like who’s heard of team limit before this incident. IG: @6ukes

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    • Not me. But wtf did they upload

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  • Thanks everyone for.... Read more

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  • I personally think Limit should get another chance. Twitter @lurrixxx

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  • Was so hyped to see tfue back Twitter: imfloxy

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  • I like when tfue play warzone more it just seems like he enjoys it more and happier Twitter:Christhebot2

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  • team limit underrated lmaooo

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  • tfue is the best dropper NAE and possibly in the whole game he could have stark uncost easy ig: IlyKarx

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  • They did tfue dirty man Twitter:Kendrick_Skyler

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  • They couldn’t give TFUE a more worst question Twitter Lurz1x

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  • I didn't think Tfue would ever come back again. isnta: manny on gfuel

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  • I know the background of that team they’ve done so much shady stuff behind the scenes 🤣

    RampgeRampge12 päivää sitten
    • They have so much cancelable stuff they did to grow and establish as an org it’s crazy but no one knows

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  • tfue came back thats crazy Twitter qtsean3

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  • Glock_9_9 thank you god bless you

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  • Don't lie, we only watch this for tfue not those guys

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  • I still wonder why he still has the 520k subscribers logo when now he has 720, the fortnite guy im really proud of you and hopefully you will keep on growing Twitter: jiminspromise03

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  • i still love Tfue, to me the interview was pretty cringe Insta; Cjpalm21

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