Tfue Coming for Ninja's WIFE? Scoped DONE with Fortnite? FaZe President LEAVES to Make a BETTER FaZe

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Tfue Coming for Ninja's WIFE? Scoped DONE with Fortnite? FaZe President LEAVES to Make a BETTER FaZe

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  • Tfg is one of those channels now that needs a comment to say the time where the ACTUAL VIDEO starts

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  • I don't see how you don't think fortnite isn't going to die your are clueless most of the big creators have left which dismotivates fans of those creators. you are one weird little boy

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    • Yes I know my icon is from fort but didn't don't have the time to change it

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    • It’s music from COD BO2 😂

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  • Do yourselves a favour and skip to 3:20. It’s all marketing up to that point.

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  • You say listen to the context of the Twitter beef but doesn’t put the clip that started it all or in any context at all

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  • Stop fanboying Tfue

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  • tfue is such a kid grown ass man btw

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