FaZe Jarvis MOCKS Fortnite! TSM Khanada In BIG TROUBLE.. What Did He Do?

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FaZe Jarvis MOCKS Fortnite! TSM Khanada In BIG TROUBLE.. What Did He Do?

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    • I hope I win plz🙏🏻 Insta: Revivedstix

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    • Mutu Msimuko no I’m hitler

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    • @Nuggets y do you exist

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    • i dm'ed you on twitter tfg

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    • I really hope Jarvis is unbanned he just wanted to make a vid (ps love your vid ) Insta lls_mima

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  • Ur so annoying

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  • I don’t know what’s more funny, his completely bias opinion, the fact that he thinks that a kid calling out a big Corp like epic games would bring them viewers, or him supporting a player like Kannada, which we all know is “the biggest trash talkers if no one of the most toxic player that has ever lived”. If you really think elevating someone’s ego is the way to go then you are wrong, especially when it comes to little kids just “playing a game”. Cheering that kind of behavior can later manifest into real life scenarios, I can only imagine how that kind of behaviors would manifest in real life. The fact that everyone talks crap in games does not make it ok. Leaving games aside, instead of encouraging this kind of behavior, this “so called” community should be aware of this issue and try to do something about it, personally I’m in twitch side

    cristian alexandercristian alexander3 kuukautta sitten
  • I mean, he doesn’t own the name “Jarvis”

    Elyas AlghaffariElyas Alghaffari4 kuukautta sitten
  • j_e_e_t20

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  • Instagram clpalx

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    • Oh i forgot it said that

      FN zelkyFN zelky4 kuukautta sitten
    • FN zelky but this video was 2 weeks ago how are you supposed to win

      ThewristplAyerThewristplAyer4 kuukautta sitten
    • ThewristplAyer he said to I’m probably not going to get but i said f it

      FN zelkyFN zelky4 kuukautta sitten
    • Bro why did you put your instagram

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  • Deer god

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  • rip knanuts this is my 90th try or something lol Instagram: Creakrr

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  • I liked and subed with notifications ig cojxz

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  • I was watching khanadas stream and he was threatening at asian jeff saying that he is a fat asian little kid and that he was going to go over there and beat him up

    RxnkzRxnkz4 kuukautta sitten
  • It’s honestly a great thing for Twitch and Epic that Khanada is banned. Life, fortnite, twitch.... everything is better now that Khanada is banned.

    Benjamin SylvestriBenjamin Sylvestri4 kuukautta sitten
  • No

    Mew CyborgMew Cyborg4 kuukautta sitten
  • He noticed us Africans

    Jordan KroukampJordan Kroukamp4 kuukautta sitten
  • I mean bizzle is one of my favourites but zayts team will when with their mechanics

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  • Tik tok fire instagram

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  • Everyone should just boycott buying skins

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  • Can’t you just put all the crap no one wants to hear at the end of the video Christ

    Jim Jeem JamesJim Jeem James4 kuukautta sitten
  • connor_ess

    Connor StewartConnor Stewart4 kuukautta sitten
  • If I see see TFG irl I’m cranking a 90 and knocking his School Threat ass out

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  • Instagram is rgt_choppa_

    Anderson XxxAnderson Xxx4 kuukautta sitten
  • Twitch is just a bunch of simps

    Dream- FortniteDream- Fortnite4 kuukautta sitten
  • Imagine khanada is permanently banned and doesn’t even know. That would suck Twitter: @njboost

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  • Georgeisgoated on instagram need that GFUEL energy

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  • megga aint top 20

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  • 5 minutes of this 8 minutes video is the intro then when u think its over he adds a tournament tf

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  • What do zaty and Bizzle got to do with khanada

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  • I like how 2 steps is really 4 for the giveaway

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  • Insta: a8.____13 btw it’s 4 underscored :))))))) tyyyyy

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  • glad hes banned hes annoyin

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    • maybe it'll teach him to shut up

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  • Can you make this most liked comment

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  • “If your a washed pro” this man zayt is washed in my opinion

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  • Did he just list Africa as a country?

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  • Do yo do discord

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  • Faze Jarvis is the one that wants free clout Jarvis has been a thing since before most of us were even alive 😂

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  • Insta is chicobroward954

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  • I’m South-Afrika who else 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦😂😏

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  • To be honest I don’t like Khanada

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  • Nice videos thanks for keeping me updated. Insta- kr1spy_kreme

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  • no one cares about Jarvis man his content is wack now money changed that fool

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  • top 30 maybe

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  • Can I pls have gfuel first time my insta is cris_diaz245

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  • IG is travis_cappelletti Hope to win TFG

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  • Yes because South Africa has there own servers 😐

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  • Hey guys fortnite guy here blah blah blah blah blah blah 4 mins later... Hey ok let's do the video

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  • Nice vid dude you have really good content.

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  • im 12 and me and my friends wanna play in the tournament but we cant

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  • Hey no fighting in the comments 😀👍🎶

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  • Jarvis was probably the best fortnite player back then I’m sorry but if he returns he’s gonna he washed sad to say twitter -KlydeeBb

    klydee BBklydee BB4 kuukautta sitten
  • Jarvis was probably the best fortnite player back then I’m sorry but it’s true if he comes back he’s gonna he watched sad to say twitter-KlydeeBb

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  • KNG Yuqii

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  • I hope that They both get unbanned .Love your vids I hope I win 🤞ig:jaxson_desouza

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  • Why cant I play the tourneys. I live in iowa, USA

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  • I love your vids and have been watching since the beginning twitter is lukansm

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  • I love the fortnite guy! Pls pin this if you love ur fans back :>

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    • Im actually depressed

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    • He wont do it :

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  • I really love your vids I watch all your videos and I liked and subbed Ig CRAZY COW

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  • its actually friday that iron man talks to, jarvis is an older version of friday similarly to windows 8 and 10

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  • if u full screen and type awesome the time bar thingy will turn rainbow

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  • The fortnite guy is such a good bean spiller and I love his content. Good thing mine is a lot worse. DONT WATCH MY VIDEOS THEY SUCK!

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  • Wow 5-6 minutes worth of advertising his kng competitions and gfeul and giveaways wow.

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  • ngl the ads make me wanna click of the videos its just annoying at this point since its literally takes up half the vid PLS MAKE TIMESTAMPS

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  • Imagine Jarvis gets unbanned it would be crazy. Twitter:lil june

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  • This man said it doesn’t matter what country you’re in and proceeded to say Africa…

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  • I'm so Sad Khdanna is banned hope twitch can do something. Insta Yt clipz

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  • I signed up For the turny

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  • Done

  • As much as I feel bad for khanada I feel like this twitch ban can be a good opportunity for him to get a really good exclusive deal with some other streaming platform. Insta: hrach.exe

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  • My insta is FakeF1shy

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  • Jarvis got banned a year ago Holy shit time fliez

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  • I just watched 4 min of adds

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  • Loool look I’m in the video

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  • Hopefully jarvis gets unbanned IG:aspect.fn78

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  • mykl why did you leave us

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  • Hope i win love the vids ig:king.lovey

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  • Honestly trash talking should be punished. Glad he got banned. We have enough toxic 9yos in this community

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  • I love your vids bro and it would be an honor to win your giveaway. Twitter:brontozorous

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    • @Brontozorous congrats

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    • @The Fortnite Guy yay thank u so much

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    • You win

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  • Half this vid is his advertising shit and we have to watch real ads too smh thank god of adblocker

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  • Hey ordered gfuel using your code but a little B had to steal my order from my mailbox KNG Insta c3sar_2k

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  • Daaaaang faze Jarvis might be comin back. Twitter:brontozorous

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