FaZe Sway, Clix, & JAMES CHARLES? Tfue Wins $100k! Mongraal New GOD Trio? Corinna plays with Mitr0!

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FaZe Sway, Clix, & JAMES CHARLES? Tfue Wins $100k! Mongraal New GOD Trio? Corinna plays with Mitr0!

  • Hey guys! Gonna be streaming on BIGO later today! Will be live here!: bigo.onelink.me/1168916328/thefortniteguy

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    • The Fortnite Guy the sacrifice of mykl was a sad thing

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    • won't forget the times of you reporting on the shit show know as the dallas fuel of season 1

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    • typhlosion 787 well aqua and mongraal r a duo and aqua is igl sooooo

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    • damm

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  • Bro if that's really benjys mom,shes a God mom

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  • Sways 16 I thought he was 28

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  • o0f mongralls trio insta:thebigboybracket

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  • aqua.crr.nyrhox 😈

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  • benjy didnt kill his mom its some 15 year old british kid

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  • I don’t think it’s his mom maybe it’s the same name has his mom

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  • Sway 😂 insta @kyriakoualexios

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  • god vid, Instagram: cxmfnbr done all steps

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  • his mom would not make it to the finals

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  • aqua is the biggest snake in the world.

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  • I’m sitting in a bush in a arena game with 500 ping watching this

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  • James Charles and Sway would be a great duo! ig:Isaksundbergg

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  • This game is basically getting a new loot pool of content creators/streamers.

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  • No way tfg actually thought benjy’s mom plays fn

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  • Insta jj_delcid

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  • Hi sisters

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    • Someone already won 11 year old kid

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  • James charles the annoying dude that says HEY SISTERS! And gives you the nightmares

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  • "You kinda look good" you forgot to say no homo

    ImmortalImmortal3 kuukautta sitten
  • Just because this game has some popularity rn doesn’t mean it won’t die.

    Daily MemesDaily Memes3 kuukautta sitten
    • Tf obviously everything dies lol

      Rosemary Ann TapiaRosemary Ann Tapia3 kuukautta sitten
  • Benjifishy saw Mongraal get killed by the henchmen in the same video and he laughed.

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  • This guy hyped fortnite as if it’s not a game

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  • If justin Bieber can sing so can benjyfishys mom be good at fortnite

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  • mongraal might play with tayson and nayte

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  • Lf trio~NAW I'm a console player Dm on twitter @oImNeo

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  • I CANT 666 SUBS

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  • I dont have a battle pass i have two free skins and the glow skin I liked and subbed

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  • Noties on likes the vid and subscribed insta @josiah_g2

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  • If you wanna recruit someone, you should look up Mighty on Facebook. He's cracked asf and does content in other games like valorant and hyperscape. 👌👌 Should check him out.

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  • 666k subs

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  • we aren't talking about fortnite dying in terms of popularity we are talking about mechanisms and overall gameplay isn't as fun as it was. Theres only about 20-30 players alive before the first circle closes, fortnite continues to take out or change the items that brought fun to the game, and i spend about half my time in a pub farming. Just too many things that we've been complaining for change yet epic never communicated and resolved problems with the community like they used to. When we say the game is dying we mean the fun of the game is dying, as it isn't fun to play the game, and not the amount of players of the game leaving.

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  • Was tfue playing with nrg aceu if not who was in his trio

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  • 666k subs on yt nice!

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  • Pretty sure Benjyfishy killed somebody with his mom’s name who is a fan of him.

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  • ig: kdn0789

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  • corinna streams fortnite on facebook

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  • How did Mongraal get 105 points in 3 games? I got 91 for 10 games

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  • He has 666k subs I’m unsubscribing

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  • Twitter@ytvisionz

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  • Fortnite is never dying unless epic wants it to, and for one main reason. Building and editing

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  • Bruh imagine sway and janes Charles lmaooo ig evans.mainn

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  • What happend to the yelling

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  • ah yes sexual harassment of a minor....good job james 💪

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  • The game will never "die". If anything It will end up like CSGO or PUBG. It will eventually hit a wall where it is no longer as popular as it once was but it won't flat out die.

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  • Yo that music in the backround gets meeee

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  • U r the fortnite guy, even if the game is dying u will think nahhhh man it's fire.

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  • Us in 2040 giving our kids our of fortnite accounts

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  • Didn't James Charles also hit on mongraal if I was hit on by James Charles I Think Bleach Is An Option 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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  • Well I’m kinda bored of the game you have to realize scoped innocents tfue and comp players are bored of it this game isn’t competitive at all it’s not fun the younger kids are taking over that’s just the truth

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  • Fortnite is the new roblox

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  • Tfg is the most kind youtuber on god

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  • Eu scrims i want eu scrims

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  • Hyperscape is rigged I’m just saying they’re just using Tfue to get more players but I’m not playing their shit game I wonder how much more they payed him maybe you can find out👀👀👀

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  • Wtf I didn’t even know sway was 16

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  • Nah, 100% benjys mom. She got an air 58 ninja mouse! She a pro gamer!

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  • Do you know when they started that org because it seems like they want social justice and diversity and that dubs incident wasn’t that long ago. My insta is big_minty__

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  • 2:08 vid starts. First 2 min is just ads for gfuel.

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  • There should be a question mark after where it says that Mitr0 played with Corinna in the title.

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