Clix & Ron FURIOUS at Epic for RUINING FNCS! "WORST GAME EVER" Viral TikTok EXPOSED Copying me!

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Clix & Ron FURIOUS at Epic for RUINING FNCS! "WORST GAME EVER" Viral TikTok EXPOSED Copying me!

  • Lol the way he says he's lagging but me and my friends play on 200 lol

    Jared BrowningJared Browning2 kuukautta sitten
  • Atleast they have their own servers. Imagine playing comp and getting 90 to 1-20 im game cause fornite will add servers for you in 2022

    isiteisite2 kuukautta sitten
  • My discord tag KmAo Hex 8134

    Malcolm KomboMalcolm Kombo2 kuukautta sitten
  • If fortnite was its own company and epic games were its own

    MekoMeko2 kuukautta sitten
  • tweer is UB_smokey

    Romeo WilliamsRomeo Williams2 kuukautta sitten
  • Tfg is so cool tho let’s just not ignore the fact that his gameplay is epic can you teach me how to play the game to get better aim and builds I don’t know how to build 90

    Basher LokeBasher Loke2 kuukautta sitten
  • IG : bate.pi love ur vids

    Rainy FnRainy Fn2 kuukautta sitten
  • Why do fortnite pros think fortnite is the only good game

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach2 kuukautta sitten
  • i liked and put notis my insta is vaidsyy

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  • Clix said Mums with an American accent I’m dead

    Ryan JanRyan Jan2 kuukautta sitten
  • I hate laggy servers Ig:fabio_maldonado_11

    tokyoツtokyoツ2 kuukautta sitten
  • Ig not.starcky

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  • ig: Cristian_sanchez_ronaldo

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  • Last chain in the comments of my comment

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  • yea i played in FNCS on sat/sun and the servers were SOOOOO laggy it was unplayable..ontop of that i got aim assisted over and over like who cares about it lagging when all you have to do is spray and your shots hit...what a joke.......fortnite competitive is just a joke at this point they should just stop and focus on fixing the lag/warpy/bullet registration.....i would revert everything back to before the first world cup(old graphics) and go from there....We dont care about freaking cars, we want the gameplay to be smooth and the shots to register and LESS AIMBOT/AIM ASSIST..its unpayable on keyboard/mouse...holy fuk.....

    Eric SchaefferEric Schaeffer2 kuukautta sitten
  • Everybody in my game had like 300 ping in fncs, fncs was so fucked this season ig: dennisskrrskrr

    äppleäpple2 kuukautta sitten
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  • We dont even have our own servers and somehow I'm playing on 60-70 ping in CREATIVE.pls help Ig: crue.ship

    Nizar TabbaiNizar Tabbai2 kuukautta sitten
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  • Ron is funniest streamer don’t @ me instagram: lil_markeyy

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  • ig._.dp

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    • On Instagram

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  • how's your day TFG loving the vids ig is @aiden.huzzard

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  • It’s his fucking WiFi if it was the game everyone would be lagging

    FatefulPigeon1 YtFatefulPigeon1 Yt2 kuukautta sitten
  • I need gfuel twitter:brolZ

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  • There’s also another one that actually has your name it blowing up

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  • stop the rumours ig:aryan.bandz

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  • Clix: I’m not playing anymore Also clix: plays off stream Instagram: d3rkonyoutube

    d3rkd3rk2 kuukautta sitten
  • The lag is so bad insta: anime.atonik

    Kentrell RobinsonKentrell Robinson2 kuukautta sitten
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  • Clix is just a cry baby jk but yeah they need to invest in better servers

    index sindex s2 kuukautta sitten
  • I thought tik tok was banned in United States today!

    Markmarkus0911 user LolMarkmarkus0911 user Lol2 kuukautta sitten

    Kyro1xKyro1x2 kuukautta sitten
    • umm cus he doesn’t?

      RogerRoger2 kuukautta sitten
  • Yooo!!. Twitter: BillyBongJrHa

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  • Really good video :insta:itzz.dreamzzz

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  • Lag is build up by too much Stuff being inside the Server itself, meaning that Epic needs to ethier remove Building completely because that is the biggest problem or thye have to add something so that Builds are destroyed inside the Storm or something like that... ethier Way they can't fix it easily.

    Soldier [TF2]Soldier [TF2]2 kuukautta sitten
  • if u dislike this u gay

    Nexas LiteNexas Lite2 kuukautta sitten
  • TFG creates tick tok account: Trump: I’m about to end this mans whole career.

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  • i actualy respect the fortnite guy because hes not one of those fortnite highlights type channels even tho he posts that content

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  • Love your vids Instagram plush.menace

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  • Clix ping was crazy @Sheridancillian on Twitter

    Cillian SheridanCillian Sheridan2 kuukautta sitten
  • Like hating the game but playing it over and over again??

    Ved TawarVed Tawar2 kuukautta sitten
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  • insta=thetellevition love your vids cop your boi some stuff.

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  • Who’s gameplay is it in the background

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  • on eu its 44 points to qual going into my last im on 40 and I used a launch pad at 50 50 zone and tried to box next to someone but I bugged into his box and died

    KBHKBH2 kuukautta sitten
  • Ron is the funniest streamer XD ig: Animenr16.98

    Nicola RNicola R2 kuukautta sitten
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  • Sup people! Hope y’all are having a good day. Stay safe and stay home when you can. And.... CORONA SUCKS!

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  • fortnite servers arent that bad tbh, twitter awykii ! hope I win that gfuel baby !

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  • Double upload, POG - Insta: nate.edwrds

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  • Epic really does have the worst servers though insta: mygamingchair

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  • i thaught the nonsence guy was u lmao

    Sad_TPSad_TP2 kuukautta sitten
  • Love the vids man, Insta: Jos._.hy

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  • Fortnite needs to update their servers or people are just going to stop playing IG: tgb_xrk

    Myst1c l0lMyst1c l0l2 kuukautta sitten

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  • fortnite can’t save there game anymore bruh it’s sad that pros are thinking about quitting

    cnsoredcnsored2 kuukautta sitten
  • I was playing the Bugha through back cup and I was lagging just as bad as Clix

    taco tacotaco taco2 kuukautta sitten
  • been watching forever love the channel -twitter:ZuccBTW

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  • Lol fake ass giveaways

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  • Why is in game lag so bad that people can faze through your builds like common fix it please... Ig unleashtray

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  • Instagram braydenkaiswatum

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  • As of right now top 5 solo players: 1. Stretch. 2. Arkrahm. 3. Benjy. 4. Dubs. 5. Looter

    Nio FnNio Fn2 kuukautta sitten
  • Man I swear when this man clix cry like always and the fortniteguy be like the whole community is crying.

    Dyce FCDyce FC2 kuukautta sitten
  • I'm think that they could remove crashpads. Since their in the game, the servers are too lag

    Guilherme CristovãoGuilherme Cristovão2 kuukautta sitten
  • instagram : hhenrynguyen

    Chr0mahChr0mah2 kuukautta sitten
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  • Tik tok sucks

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