Fortnite World Cup WINNER Just Got Banned For this..

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KNG Marc GLIZZY vid:
Fortnite World Cup WINNER Just Got Banned For this..

  • Come watch with me!! KNG Marc GLIZZY vid:

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    • It’s Pretty Dumb that their banning him Ig Diego.Pulluk

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  • how his game crash if he was still in the party with the other 2

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  • All I got from this vid is that aqua got banned cause his game crashed

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  • Aqua’s trio got shit on Twitter: @ya_boy_magnus

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  • Leaving the game not allowed???

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  • Imagine being an eSnitch these gamers are funny

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  • Yo bro I cant believe the duo world champion aqua man but he will come back soon to fortnite

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  • Finally a video about aqua😂😂

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  • Benjy's team probably got streamsniped as his trio got elimed very early every game. twitter: Twitch byAvxry

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  • Hate these fake vids 😡

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  • too bad fortnite hella dead

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  • Vvs.ben On Instagram And Ngl Aqua did look like he was Stream sniping but my name is Aqua lmaoo

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  • I don't get why you would want to stream snipe and grief someone's game. Think about it this way, would you like if someone did it to you? If the answer is no don't do it. It's as simple as that. Instagram: Blughigaming Twitter: Blughigaming

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  • Idk I mean there probably jus w keying people bc they know they already qualified. And they literally said they covered there stream so how could they have know to get into the game.

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  • If youre reading this Zayt won 4 games and didnt win the tournament. definition of a height or nothing team

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  • bruh when the game crashes , you have to close the application , but in the video we clearly see that aqua is in the lobby

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  • He really do be cracked. Insta karadzadeni

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  • They should permanently ban this dude. Even if he is a World Cup champ

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  • aquas actually terrible i hope he gets IP banned

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    • @sølary that’s true but how likely is it that epic will hardware ban aqua? If anything they should ban him from next seasons competitive events or something similar that would reflect what he did.

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    • Changing your ip is really easy, it would be worse to get hardware banned

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  • Bruh aqua trying to hide the fact he is banned by saying he doesn't want to play lol. Twitter: fofnyt

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  • I don't see how it's aqua's fault

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  • I love this video 😍💕💕💕

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  • Sigh.. TFG’s quality has dropped... I miss the old videos where it was 20 minutes of solid content

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  • after i watched this i was for getting them banned they literally broke like so many rules its not even funny its just messed up they got what they deserved clowns

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  • aqua actually waited for benji to q and did it with him twice to Grif then when benji landed authoritie aqua literally took a rift and landed on him from no where

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