FaZe Sway Just DELETED his twitter! Is he OK? SAC Stolen MILLIONS (Epic Says They WILL Sue!)

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Calc vs KNG Marc: fiworld.info/goon/g3az3JuV0XaMo6c/videot.html
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FaZe Sway Just DELETED his twitter! Is he OK? SAC Stolen MILLIONS (Epic Says They WILL Sue!)

  • Wow! Epic out here laying the law DOWN! Get rid of all the scammers! Calc vs KNG Marc: fiworld.info/goon/g3az3JuV0XaMo6c/videot.html Gfuel 30% OFF: gfuel.ly/2Wu0Yck BFC Qualifiers: rpt.gg/bfc TFG customs: bigo.onelink.me/1168916328/thefortniteguy

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  • subscribed with notis and liked my insta is @isaacs.on.fosho also a huge fan ive been watching you and that denver guy for about a year i love the content you make please dont stop

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  • Ofc had to include sway clout farming his name smh

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  • i hope sway is fine and wishing him the best because he is a goat instagram ; @DozeFN_

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  • Broke skies just deleted a video

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  • Twitter : @marLoC60s

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  • sway is one of the best players i dont think he would just quit like that ig:synx50

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  • to much work for free vbucks.

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  • i saw the title and was like WAIT!!! WHAT

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  • How is this game family friendly wen henchman say wtf

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  • Nah Bro I Have been getting my support a creator revenue

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  • Even if sway quit I wouldn’t care because the entire fortnite pro com is a joke.

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    • Ikr it’s cringe

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  • Clickbait

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  • Sway is definitely trolling but hope he doesn’t have something bad going on. Instagram: @not.prim

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    • Bruh he literally said it was a joke lmao

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    • Just use headphones on ur phone my guy

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  • I love epic games this season they are doing so many good things and are actually somewhat listening to the community and trying again sure there still is a lot of problems but they have really stepped it up a notch this season

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  • The charged is the best

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  • Epic finally did something about these Content Creators. That case of the guy with $200k + earnings with only 200k subs was looking kinda sketchy.

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  • opexmartiin on ig

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  • Epic disabled my SAC because I "broke some rules on their code of conduct" when all i do is stream arena or something. It makes no sense

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  • I feel like you talk about your pro team way yo much for this channel

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    • k5su no fking duh. But this isn’t the team channel so stop plugging it for 5 minutes every video

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    • It’s his team my guy

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  • The gameplay on the background I love it btw awesome video keep it up G

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  • The gameplay on the background I love it btw awesome video keep it up G

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  • Clix is joining Faze I’ll bet 100 TFG Instagram: yocrestt

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  • ive mostly been playing mw rn but today I played fortnite for the first time and I had fun for about 20 min

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  • I think that the charge shotgun will be the best shotgun in the game Ig: axiufn

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  • I think this is a good season for fortnite if they fix shotguns it’s gonna be even better Instagram WaVy shredder

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  • I subbed to your channel and liked most of your videos and followed your twitter

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  • 9.armo Instagram Fortnite needs to bring the OG map Back

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  • The Fortnite Guy i am big fan of you but you didn’t notice me I liked your last video and subscribed and notifications on I want v-bucks card I love what you are doing you make me smile when I hear your beautiful voice

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  • Sway is just taking a break off it I think twitter-BandsFinesser

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  • I think sway is ok, people I know do that sometimes so I understand. Instagram: Jens1k It would mean a lot if I won

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  • Hopefully Epic isn't running low on money... lol I doubt it tho

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  • If you want to skip all the bullshit goto 3:00

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