Epic EXPOSES Apple for LYING..? LEAKED Fortnite Emails! Mobile Gone for ONE YEAR?

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Epic EXPOSES Apple for LYING..? LEAKED Fortnite Emails! Mobile Gone for ONE YEAR?

  • Crazy new info revealed! Whose side are you guys on? GFuel 30% off: gfuel.ly/2Wu0Yck

    The Fortnite GuyThe Fortnite Guy2 kuukautta sitten
    • Apple.

      LuhXLuhXUukausi sitten
    • When you bringing in the lawyer

      qt Mattqt MattUukausi sitten
    • look at you twitter dms. (@welpfn)

      welpwelpUukausi sitten
    • You are only seeing the point of view of players and epic.

      CrumbaeCrumbaeUukausi sitten
    • You are so dumb. I feel so bad for google. Their os is free and people like you support not letting them have 30% of apps income. How should they earn money then. Does only the consumer and developer need profit. What about Google or Apple.

      CrumbaeCrumbaeUukausi sitten
  • Who is the background player playing while he’s tlking

    Shujaat ChowdhuryShujaat ChowdhuryUukausi sitten
  • You lost me with all the advertisements

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  • Dude I believe you mean strawberry kiwi 😂😂

    MekoMekoUukausi sitten
  • Apple has every right take 30% . Its their platform and they control all ios apps. Your saying you wouldnt charge a high amount if you controlled it?

    Paul YooPaul YooUukausi sitten
  • Insta 2_saylbar, bruh Fortnite season 4 look so fun but I can’t even play this

    ZatroZatroUukausi sitten
  • you know all store take a cut of the profit right? And even epic does 5% will never happen with anyone not even on EGS

    AJR_99AJR_99Uukausi sitten
  • No epic was trying to get a special deal..... but he says he wants it for everyone to seem like the good guy

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  • And people wonder why apple is the first company to have 3 trillions

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  • "We will understand that Apple is not willing to make the changes necessary to allow us to provide Android customers with the option of choosing their app store and payment processing system." BISH WHA

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  • Apple is being incredibly unfair and needs to work with epic. Also I subbed to mark and will continue to support. Insta:est.trus

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  • Lol stfu

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  • Instagram: utg_william_w Love the vids my guy

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  • why is he still not uploading ;-; i think he just moved...

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  • Yo tfg where are you ur always double uploading every day are you ok

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    • Ye hope he is well

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    • Ik that’s what I’m wondering

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  • About the apple thing dont really care to be honest if I cant update it I'll just go back on xbox lol

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  • Ohh no boys we have a new fearless and Ceeday it has been 4 days noo

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  • Upload coming soon. Sources: Twitter

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  • taking 30% is the industry standard and apple does it with different apps thats not fortnite and apple isnt the only one to take 30% of the cut of a game or company

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  • I will drink monster energy unless proven otherwise Instagram: RiseUwU

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  • Are you okay?

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    • Look at his twitter there’s a video soon

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    • He’s just takin care of of things I hope

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  • I hope he understands thet epic was pretty much saying yea we hope you make it for the smaller devolopers BUT we are mostly wanting it for ourselves oh and we are gonna make it where you don't get any money from us while we use all your FREE developer tools and you use abunch of your time helping us support your biggest competition while your not getting payed at all thank you. cmon get 2 braincells to think about it and comparing them to shoplifters is a really good comparison

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