FaZe Sway & Scoped OUTRAGED after Epic BANNED a Pro For NO REASON! (FULL STORY)

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FaZe Sway & Scoped OUTRAGED after Epic BANNED a Pro For NO REASON! (FULL STORY)

  • Like this for another upload later tonight! So much news and drama lately!

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    • i also got banned for no reason not any kind of ban i got hwid banned and they did not even tell me why its been 2 months

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    • @Vexra Viper Lmao! That's so annoying! "RUNEing"

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  • This just happened to me or it warned me for no reason

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  • That duplication glitch happened to me with medkits in a team rumble game. Brought my FPS down to 10 when I started dropping them. I didn’t get banned

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  • 2:08 I imagine I'm any pro player that good tbh...

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  • That’s really stupid ig anthonyharriss_

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  • They really need to fix fortnite cuz I can’t with all these hackers and exports. Insta:rapidly_ig

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  • That's messed up that's crazy a pro like him gets banned. For somthing he can control ig ypcluis

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  • Epic cant Ban the real hackers but can ban someone from a big

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  • epic is worried about the wrong type of cheaters lmfao

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  • Waffles got banned for something he couldn’t control like why did u ban him. Instagram qt.zurr

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  • That’s epic for you IG:@__finnesse.shots

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  • I don't get all these pros logic... If it was on purpose or by accident doesn't matter, Cheating is cheating and this is a video showing Waffles cheating... sad to see he got banned but that are the consequences.

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  • Let’s be honest these videos just show why I quit fortnite. I still watch as I just like to see the news, great videos!

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  • I Got banned for 14 data because og region lovk Can i play the next fncs

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  • Ok lets just get One thing straight... Waffles here is not Innocent at all, and what he did is actually against Fortnite TOS (Terms Of service), Waffles here is using a BUG in the game to win....by duplicating items, this is known as Exploiting A in-game bug which can get you banned, reason being is its an in-game advantage over every other 100 players....waffles is not innocent at all and did not get banned for "No reason" he got banned for simply having a INCREASED in game advantage by using a bug/Glitch....

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  • Imagine qualifying for fncs then your disqualified for a bug that he didn’t do that wasn’t his fault. Discord:Senzik tag:7504

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  • I think waffles has to get free qual for semis next week like cmon epic

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  • You guys complaining about endgame lag but literally LOOK AT THE BACKGROUND GAMEPLAY

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  • Faze sway got banned for like 3,000 days lol

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  • This games perfect, no glitches no bugs. You totally cant reload all your guns in 1 second. Impossible (Dont read my name)

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  • Poor waffles

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  • am i the only one with bloody ears after waffles talking?

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  • Bro waffles should have not gotten banned the guy he killed should of

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  • gotta remember, bug abuse is against the rules

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    • Fr 😂

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  • Yeah, I agree that he should be banned for a bug that he couldn’t control... However, he abused it so much when he found out he had the advantage

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  • That’s not just a bug, it’s a hack. Who was the player he killed? There is a hack to spawn unlimited items of one type and it’s to screw over anyone who picks them up. It’s someone purposefully glitching the item Through hacks to screw over other players who get near the item.

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  • Shame on you epic games. People are ACTUALLY cheating & your game is FULL of lag and bugs (things that have been in the game for WAY TOO LONG). You can't seem to fix any of it, but now you DQ & ban a player for ONE OF YOUR BUGS ??? This game is fucking awful

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