Ninja BLOCKS FaZe Sway & Unknown? Tfue MAD Ninja won't fight! Epic Addresses CHEATERS!

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Ninja BLOCKS FaZe Sway & Unknown? Tfue MAD Ninja won't fight! Epic Addresses CHEATERS!

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  • I meant 6:24

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  • We not gonna ignore that voice crack right? 6:27

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  • Unknown doesnt get invited becausr he is so good at the fricking game

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  • His tumbnail nnija

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  • Who else is grinding to be in team kng

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  • I will be blocked by ninja if he sees my diss on him

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  • 5:50

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  • Bro nice spelling of ninja on thumbnail

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  • I agree with the cheating but display name is overkill

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  • Tfue toxic as f used to like him when he was cool now just no

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  • Forget all that noise i want stretched res back

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    • This was a week ago

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  • lol they should stfu and not diss ninja or wanna box a fortnite streamer lmao

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  • It might be 90 million dollars but you gotta think of things its like signing a contract soo if you take that 90 million your fucked cause facebook owns you 😄😄

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  • Who’s playing in the background?.

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  • Yungcalc bout to have to change his name

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  • Did y’all see the Nninja the thumbnail?

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  • theyre gonna ban the poeple with bad names from comp then not give them a chance to change their name

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  • Talk about Uvvik :(

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  • you are such a nice guy

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  • Tfue is getting banned cuz his account is peeppapi

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  • He blocked me too

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  • Ninja got paid 30 mil in 8 months when he turned down the Facebook gaming contract.

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  • Ninja is overreacting lol..

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  • Ban more harsh Jarvis: perm banned for cheating in public matches World Cup : people cheat in qualifiers only banned for 2 weeks and still get in

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  • Why take 90 mil when he can make mixer buy him out then have another platform give him even more money with a new contract? Ninja bout to get a fat stack

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  • Who is playing?

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  • Ninja does know how to play games, he is a really good player. I am personally not a fan of him. The reason you guys say "he's garbage" is not because he's trash at games it's because of his personality, it's unlikable. I've seen Ninja play he can stomp on half of you people that says he's trash. Just because you don't like someone's personality does not mean they are trash at the game, most of the people saying this are 13 year olds still stuck on intel core i3 and a bad cpu usage. Ninja didn't get that 90 million request from facebook for nothing, even though he didn't take it. He has millions all over the internet just for gameplay, I mean my man SypherPK been putting in work, hres been playing with Ninja for a while now. So stop saying "He's trash" or that "I can beat him" when in actually reality you cry when you lose a match. Please stop with the negativity, even though I don't like him, I don't see you sitting with millions, cause if you were actually better you'd probably be making as much money as he is (maybe even more) but you're not, I just had to get this out. I see that he is trying to be a great guy and block all negativity, which is great but he needs to cool his cheeks. I don't know he may be a serious guy who's trying to know when his next paycheck happens. Show some respect (:

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  • Ninja shouldn't be pulled back to twitch since he left them in the first place.

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  • He has dem block because there controller players ... Cleary

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  • unknown is W A S H E D

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  • Ninjas to much of a wuss to fight tfue Tfues jacked Ninja is just toxic

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  • Done

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  • Ninja blocked unknown because he griefed clix

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  • Me: dm's ninja saying hi Ninja: blocks me Me: WTF

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  • No wonder unknown isn’t getting invited to tournaments he sucks and all he does is stream snipe and grief just like he did to clix and still didn’t get banned kick him from kng he a shitter

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  • Obviously unknown wasn’t blocked because he replied to ninja you’re so fake

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