NRG Zayt Accused of being a "DICTATOR" by Reddit.. (FULL STORY)

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NRG Zayt Accused of being a "DICTATOR" by Reddit.. (FULL STORY)

  • Who's going pro in season 4? Remember hard work pays off boys!

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    • Divinium what’s poppin

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    • 200th reply

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    • Yessir!

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    • We should have elite scrim for west and it could be run by you and the team

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    • I want to try too

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  • Did all ig is daniel_12173

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  • Did it got proof

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  • Is there an eu version of elite customs

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  • *Zayt do b a dictator doe*

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  • I think the analogy is fair bc zayt and the other players aren't on the same team either. On top of that I think he was just comparing two good players in fortnite to two good players in the NBA.

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  • Ds_earoxfishy

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  • Zayt is a petty, emotional, man-child. This is known, by everyone. But he's also been one of the most consistent players since the beginning of FN. And the discord is his, it sucks for those pros, but that's how it is. Also Zayt doesn't like controller W-keyers, like Bully and Unknown, they don't help the lobby get legit practice.

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  • I mean when I heard he kicked Ron I was kinda sus off him he seems cool to but he doesn't even stream

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  • That whole LBJ and Leonard comment went way over your head and made complete sense

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  • Tbh TFG ur analogy was super dumb too. The whole point of the practice server is for THE BEST OF THE BEST, and if you have proven yourself to be a very good player then you get in. Thats the whole point. The discord server is for the BEST PLAYERS to get their practice. Its not Zayt's personal server that he can pick and choose whoever he likes.

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  • anyone know the fortnite guys music in his video?

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  • lebron and kawhi are on the usa and all star team so ur wrong too. lol

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  • I heard that bully said something bad like a really bad but idk also its tottaly fine its a friend group just like alot of us have

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  • @thefortniteguy who gives a shit about if there not in the same team if you have a brain then it will make sense

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  • the fortnite guy can u mind your own business u just want money off people

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  • That kng merch looks 🔥 keep up the good work The Fortnite Guy Ig kjungforthewin

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  • Day 54 of entering the giveaways, Twitter: ExeIestyn

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  • in basketball people could practice together even if they werent friends cause they wanna get practice its the same in e-sport cause they sometimes practice together and they dont like eachother they just wanna get practice and be the best

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  • My discord is Maxicle plz can I win I’m such a fan

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  • Bruh elite has been running for so long there is no point in changing it

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  • Under rated check me out

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  • Innocents is one of the shittest pros

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  • The whole thought of a discord for the best of best is called the Elite, it should be called the Virgins, after fort is dead where are these kids gonna go? there good at no other game that's why I respect tfue and shroud

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    • - Impacc- 😂

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    • Lol 😂 you finna trigger their little 9 year old fangirls with this one

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  • hi

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  • Scrims would be more along the lines of a pre season game. You play it like it’s real but without anything on the line for real. Practice would be more equivalent to loading up playground with ur friends. Or like zone wars or something. I’m guessing you don’t play sports?

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  • Video starts at 1:15

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  • the analogy makes perfect sense. The guy just threw in two names of NBA players. You just read into it too much

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  • The one chick looks miserable in every pic she’s in. What u do to that poor girl? Tfg casting couch bandit 🤣

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  • Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you and stay safe i’m struggling to get 1k ❤️!!!!

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    • No

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  • Love vids ig EpikLxve

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  • Why nrg Zayt Insta: omar_alshaar_

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  • Its his role on discord

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  • love your vids IG: cxnelaa

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  • As a matter of fact something like that analogy has happened before in basketball when Michael Jordan told them he didn’t want isiah Thomas on the dream team because he didn’t like him and they didn’t let him on the team although he should’ve been and I don’t think LeBron would invite kawhi to a private workout in the offseason lol so yeah you’re right that analogy isn’t really good

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  • Watch you vids everyday love the content Twitter:StreakHi

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  • like I know I don't have as much perspective, but these people have egos so massive that they can't acknowledge the feelings of people who might be good but not well connected, these people have no perspective because they view people not up to par or not friendly as lesser

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  • nae isnt the only good prac, look at asia for once and see t1 scrims and how organized it is. They have different levels for scrims, its much better than nae prac

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  • I think tfg should run it but not with kng just himself

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  • Itsjerian should run it “VOUCH”

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    • Agreed actually maybe sypher or nick a 30k

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  • Just saying @thefortniteguy the reddit post made since its like you are just defending Zayt because of clout, doesn't matter if lebron james is on the same team ad the other player its just a analogy, but you do have a point if i was running the discord server i wouldn't give the ownership to anybody unless i needed help.

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  • People need to stfu unless ur a bro you can talk like bro

  • that analogy was shit, does bugha practice with kahanada? not on his team but yes bc their in a game

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  • Hi, its crazy how many people acused nrg zayt! Instagram : u.luka7

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  • He means in open Gym

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  • I Love Your Videos❤ Intagram: h.m_unknown67

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  • Yo

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  • I feel like competiteve is kinda ruining fortnite I miss the old days of fortnite in like season 4 chapter 1 just normal games and having alot of fun I'm not saying it is but

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    • Oh look its a casual

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  • idk which side to pick... instagram: creakrr

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  • If zayt made it, its his choice who plays in it

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  • I feel like zayt could say no to players that he thinks can beat him so he stays on top

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  • i hate calc please refrain from mentioning him :)

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  • An analogy dont have to make sense it just needs to get the point across.

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  • The fortnite guy is prity dumb I mean LiKe AnD sUb when you can unlike and unsub after the screenshot so don’t bother for the “proof”

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  • your vid is so good. watching all vid /Twitter Dishie9

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  • I know clix wouldn’t stream snipe Instagram:Yunawan Marco

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  • I don’t usually take sides but meh. Insta: Lupixity

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  • Just saying , bugha stretch and zayt blocked that bully kid because , he said the n word and he beat his mom live in stream

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  • Lmao like if your hungry

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  • I think that fortnite themselves should make an arena for player with like 10k+ earnings, and the only way to be banned from it would be if u got banned for cheating

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  • Zayt made his own private discord, its literally his and he can choose who joins. The elite pros aren't a community, they just train with Zayt

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  • It was Zayt's Innitiative to make that discord server, he owns that server he can decide who he wants to add. It sux that there are no options for other practice servers but he can't just make that server available for everyone. IG: Spreegun07

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  • I mean someone needs to run the discord, why not Zayt? Instagram: mariusqvale

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  • what about BBG Calc tweeting controversial stuff about Chadwick Boseman's death

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  • Bully heat his mom... no klizzy

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  • you missed the analogy his giving an example

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  • I’m in the discord there is 200 I might get kicked out for saying this but he kicked out one of my friends just for killing him and dancing on him I respect every thing he has built but when pros who are big get kicked there’s a big reaction my friend did nothing and he got kick he said he was talking to zyat and he said because you aren’t and popular pro and you danced on me you are gone he new him for a year plus he played with him and because he danced it’s all washed away

    Tristan McenroeTristan Mcenroe4 kuukautta sitten
  • That not the point tfg the point is to show that they can’t just some chose who get to practice or not

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  • That analogy is actually pretty spot on, begining of each season of Pro Sports we have a Pre Season where pro player practise against other pro players from another team. E Sports like Fortnite, have far more events and never have an off season but it demands a player to have the most "Elite" Practice. So your wrong actually.

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  • Zayt Stretch and Saf all 3 are stream sniping cry babies.

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  • i love how he called kawhi “kawaii” lmao twitter: thatoneguyvalor

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  • Who the hell is balla

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  • Exactly Zagreb isn’t letting people in he doesn’t like I think you’re wrong

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  • its not his gym

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  • the fortnite guy there is team usa on basketball from players on different teams so think more

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  • is there a west elite discord?

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  • Can u either do a massive face cam or find a good player to watch in the back ground.

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  • IG: Jaydrick255

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  • Dude its just an example doesnt mean hes saying lebron and kawhi are actually practicing together

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  • Love how tfg hides from criticism and surrounds himself with yes men. That’s your downfall TFG

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    • - Impacc- 💯

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    • Nortique y’all both on the same vibe.

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    • Nortique fax

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    • Alan DEl villar his downfall is he agrees with whoever has the biggest number next to their name

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  • 1

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  • You took the sports analogy way out of context and took it to literal. I guess he should of named lebrons real teammate to understand it. You five head

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  • ig and twitter is @mmrwho bro zayt is actually pretty nice

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  • top players naah they are lucky many players don't get chance because of bad setups if they get good setup they can easily outplayed them

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  • Slow news day huh

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  • Dis is why I barely play dis game anymore, the community is so toxic and the game is just doodoo. Won’t read replies so stfu

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    • fortnite is poop

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  • i want to be in elite :( insta: pshh.vanquish

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  • bro @bullywyd literally told his mom that he was gonna punch her in the throat ig: ozzyfnm

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  • Dang zayt insta invid.s

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  • Ok pros who are mad that they aren’t allowed in are mad cause they just aren’t on the same caliber as say clix not saying I’m any better but it’s not there division

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  • Zayt just running the practice discord fine but he still has to much power also josiah4pf_1 on instagram

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