Fortnite Pro FNCS CHAMPION Just Got Caught AIM Cheating? (FULL STORY)

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Fortnite Pro FNCS CHAMPION Just Got Caught AIM Cheating? (FULL STORY)

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    • Wow ur making fun of me when ur bullying kids on FIworld cuz ur insecure

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    • @Savage Sam Plays Ok "Savage Sam plays"

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    • @Savage Sam Plays What are you even bickering about? lmao

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    • Says the one who can’t handle someone else winning oh yeah, cause you haven’t

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    • @Savage Sam Plays your so ugly

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  • Serpents cheated in a horrible way through DM‘s and stuff and he’s accusing someone else of cheating I wonder how hard it is for him to accuse someone else of cheating when he was using macaros for almost a year

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  • Discord : Xelo I don't know what to put

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  • bruh theres proof and the funniest thing on one of the reasons he told us was that hes homework file could do something LMAOOO ig:Woakybubbles

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  • I’m hear after serpent got banned it’s sus they called out kquid I don’t think he cheated

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  • Xd serpent is a cheater toooo lol

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  • Serpent: uses macros and still exposes some one else for macroing 😂

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    • Deltoct lol

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  • the funny thing is that serpent au said something about kquid macroing but serpent au macros

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  • irony

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  • just me waiting for this to hit 1m views its 999600

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  • i think you mean Aim Bot not Aim Cheating

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  • .

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  • Imagine the guy who expose Kquid got expose for macros😂😂

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  • 7:59 how would they know if they didn't cheat.

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  • Ig ylsyoungbyall. I really want to to win

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  • Can someone explain my 2 vids I uploaded on my page there is a vid from my angle and one from the other player , he clearly misses me like 4ft away side of were I am yet it kills me, then I have a shot on him right on his head and nothing comes off ?? Need explanation

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  • Serpent can’t say anything he used macros

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  • serpant... karma

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  • Nice Desktop Br0

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  • The only way to save fortnite at this point is everyone downloading cheats.

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  • Hi

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  • If you see this I hope you becomes successful stay safe And have good day or night❤

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  • so a macro cheater is acusing someone of soft aiming

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  • Person who macros tries to expose someone else 🤣😂🤣lol

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  • Kinda ironic how serpent exposed kquid then serpent got exposed by ej

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  • Now the cheater is serpent

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  • It’s not k quid it’s kquid

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  • wait if he has aim assist then how was he able to still play well even tho it was a different setup like why do fkin pc players like complaining like damn when u get clapped its because ur trash or the other player got lucky but kquid he has skill so this is just jealous youtubers who just cant match up to his skills or views so click baiting isnt good for ya

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    • Pros at AU said it was easy to dowload stuff I wouldn’t really trust u and if kquid wasn’t cheating then y hasn’t he made a video about it wen he said he would make it a few months earlier

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  • I loved kquid too

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  • Cwazy stuff guys lol

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  • Yo yo what is going guys?

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  • It’s funny how they were accusing him of macros while serpent au was the whole time

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  • Discord: ZyTeX

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  • @martimolivelra = instagram !

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  • Hes used macros in videos... says SerpentAU the macro cheater

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  • love how a cheater exposed another cheater for cheating lmao (I like the word cheater not the meaning the sound)

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  • Why do I need a gift card because I can’t go to the new season because I play on mobile

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  • Serpent au a bitch

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  • Wow everyone’s being accused Instagram: ar.yan1377

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  • Spoiler serpent actually was the one cheating lol

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  • I have said forever that the “pros” are using soft aim assist on PC. Some of the shots they hit are impossible by hand. No recoil in most cases as well.

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  • Ha it’s funny that serpent called him out seeing as serpent got caught for Macro

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    • hypocrite right bro lol

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  • Serpent: sry i hack Kquid: banned Serpent: he is hackin exposed lol

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    • Macros aren't hacks

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  • Bro there's 100's of pros cheating on pc, these are literally the dumb dumb hacks, they have obs integrated cheats -_-

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  • THIS IS SO FUNNY serpent tries to expose kquid when serpent aim bots, macros and 360 turn thingy.. lol

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  • 2:02 he literally send u a screenshot with him being subscribed and u are asking him for proof smh

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    • True

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  • imagine calling someone out for cheating when you're cheating yourself hahahadhah

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  • Oceania players are trash they cant do anything without cheating

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  • this aged like milk, lmao serpent got exposed for macros and hes accusing others for macroes lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo

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    • @Aiden Dealcruz what

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    • Stupid Bean Sprout your grammar tho

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  • lol 5:56 thats what flea does lol

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  • "When you stream you can't cheat" - never trust someone who tells you something like this, ofc you can cheat while streaming.

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    • 100's are

      BLaZeYBLaZeY3 kuukautta sitten

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  • funny u say about him not being unbanned but now we have the wobbles thing happening! that statement was horse shit really means nothing clearly

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  • Discord Bonecrusher45. I use code TheFortniteGuy.

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  • To long and boring of an intro

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  • serpent talking about using macros. sounds familiar

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  • Ig: @ashwindlk

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  • I find it very ironic that this the same way SerpantAU got exposed

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  • Is in it so ironic a cheater accusing of someone else cheating (im talking about SerpentAu)

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  • Fucking hate Serpent

    Roblox GamerRoblox Gamer3 kuukautta sitten
  • Ha cheater player acusing someone who didn’t cheat

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  • Anyone watching this after SerpantAU got exposed for macroing and using aimbot

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  • Lol no wonder he didn’t give out his sens bc it had aim assist in it

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  • Karma is a Bitch

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  • Sauroant macro

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  • I feel a little aim assist in my mouse

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  • He’s looks 10 lol

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  • Serpent did expose him, but he did cheat to so he can't say anything.

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  • Insta youtube_warfare_

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  • is aim cheating aimbot?

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  • @purple_velocity :)

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  • Serpent uses macro

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  • SerpentAU exposes kquid welp Serpent karma comes back to u

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  • But didn’t serpent macro

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  • Serpent: accuses someone of cheating Serpent again: got cuaght for macroing

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  • I watched lachys vid they say hes cheating I search it up then they say serpant is cheating when will it end, Detective mode activate!

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  • Can I pls be one CuSe it’s my best friends bday and can’t afford it

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  • Lol serpentAU got karma

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  • Why is every pro fortnite players snitchin’

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