Clix PISSED at Unknown for this.. Unknown EGOS Clix IRL! Clix BLOCKS Unknown! NRG House Reveal?

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Clix PISSED at Unknown for this.. Unknown EGOS Clix IRL! Clix BLOCKS Unknown! NRG House Reveal?

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    • i was already using filmora

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    • LooT Dragon FAK giveaways

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    • Surprised we didn't get your latest two clickbait fodder for the thumbnail!!

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    • What are they beefing about? Probably something stupid.

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    • Me

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  • Check out my new fortnite highlights, @bADU

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  • Just a friendly reminder that this all happened because clix danced on unknown 🤣

    NepNep5 kuukautta sitten
  • They hate each other and don’t at the same time and it’s hilarious

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  • See I think it's all a click video for views

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  • I’m sure this is just content 😂

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  • Bro I love this guys vids bc he keeps everyone updated 👍 twitter: itznicolas

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  • They are to childish to even make a video together lmfao suck it up the writer was prob chap so much work down the drain for some selfish kids 😂

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  • I’ll win one day :( Love your vids man!! insta @e6irls

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  • I'm on unknowns side Twitter:Specified_rexed

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  • I luv ur videos I hope I win my epic :dxqrl on IG

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  • Filmora9 is definitely one of the easiest and cheapest editing software but come on its far from being one of the best lmao

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  • Its funny that calc tells clix to shut up!🤣

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  • I thought the beef between clix and unknown was fake I would love to see them duo though Instagram @nazerds

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  • Unknown is such a child

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  • Cant lie clix has a block head

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  • I love you bruh

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  • No one asked bro stop plugging kng

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  • Flights Reacted to my video lmao @

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  • Someone tell unkn to stop being a bitch, all because clix danced on him. IG: zach.rxsee

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  • Wow Unknown is so funny 😒 so funny 😒

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  • dang i hope this gets sorted insta Zyest vb

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  • Omg I edit with filmora9 lol

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  • I swear they should be boyfriends and watch tik tok together

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  • I can’t believe this is happening bc there are playing that shit game

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  • The NRG guy

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    • The clix guy

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  • I feel like the clix beef is fake ig- bosslomas

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  • Can we all please put an end to this clix simp?!? Are none of you kids getting sick of 3 mins of self advertising just to listen to another fanboys account of clix' story?

    TheebakedmessiahTheebakedmessiah5 kuukautta sitten
    • It's getting weird now, he's been reporting literally everytime clix moves and I'm starting to think he has some weird obsession with clix

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  • Bro can’t believe one of my friends is featured in the video, aka SecretlyGod

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  • 8:22 When Unknown walks into Clix's room

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  • His intros are too long for the short vids

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  • My insta is ari.max11

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  • 4:23 he's telling his teamate to stop being immature, when 30 seconds later he talks ab unplugging someones PC from his own team. That's (in my opinion) the most immature thing you can do, while being a member of a professional team.

    DunkyDunky5 kuukautta sitten
  • My instagram is connor_mills1016 I would really appreciate some vbucks because I want the soccer skin when it comes out on the 23rd

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    • Football skins aren't sweaty anymore

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  • unknown has him muted irl 😂 im dying rn 💀

    SageifySageify5 kuukautta sitten
  • we've seen clix vs unknown in bfc, dreamhack and multiple other occasions, time to see them 1v1 irl

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  • Ig PhanpyFn

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  • Is it weird that I can understand everything on max speed

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  • Filmora sucks guys don’t get it unless you plan on spending money

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  • I really want to win I have been subbed since season 4 my ig is Predator_Clanyt even if I don’t win I’m still blessed to watch your videos

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  • If the house tour is a huge as they are saying this is going to need to be a 30 min video jackson_marks_

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  • I have a feeling clix and unknown are secretly a gay couple!!🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    Ummm yesssUmmm yesss5 kuukautta sitten
    • You mean tfg and clix

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  • Ig:harvey.guthrie. Unknxwn has taken this way too far. He needs to patch things up with Clix because they are such amazing players

    Harvey GuthrieHarvey Guthrie5 kuukautta sitten
  • Ig:harvey.guthrie. Unknxwn has taken this way too far. He needs to patch things up with Clix because they are such amazing players

    Harvey GuthrieHarvey Guthrie5 kuukautta sitten
  • Ig:harvey.guthrie. Unknxwn has taken this way too far. He needs to patch things up with Clix because they are such amazing players

    Harvey GuthrieHarvey Guthrie5 kuukautta sitten
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  • I cant belive that the beef is real I thought it was a joke. Twitter:TwitchEriBtw

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  • Muted irl 😂😂

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