FNCS Cheater Is BACK on Fortnite..? Ninja Trio With Ronaldo! Chap NEW Trio is UNSTOPPABLE!

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FNCS Cheater Is BACK on Fortnite..? Ninja Trio With Ronaldo! Chap NEW Trio is UNSTOPPABLE!

  • $5,000 Tournament: www.repeat.gg/lp/knghouse GFuel 30% off: gfuel.ly/2Wu0Yck

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    • I have to be really honest about things epic games really has to take another step up higher with catching and banning and removing these cheaters from cheating in gaming events honestly it’s becoming a lot more and more and we are seeing a lot of pro players come out and fully express how they feel about this we have seen it on thee streams and on there Twitter and social media accounts more and more talking about how these things make them upset and how it makes the pro community feel about it. I hope to see some changes be made or looking into a lot of situations of bans as well

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  • Took a break from fortnite so I need to catch up on the community thanks @thefortniteguy :Twitter @Tezqd_

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  • he fkn def cheated like does this kid not have any brain we saw the dll that he used and had the same name as cheats

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  • f**king liar

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  • This is bs they should unban Jarvis but epic is petty and won’t Twitter: AlecSchmidt25

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  • Reason I’m 12

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  • Watch him be like “my aim sucks because I haven’t played in a while”

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  • nah I'd say reet is the best controller player.

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  • Your so stupid

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  • Lmao i never believed he cheated. I've known some people that download dumb stuff as a joke or to see how broken aimbot is on another account never cheating on their main. He's just a kid and he deserves every bit of a statement especially with epic being silent for months about it.

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  • Interview with Kquid

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  • Literally was thinking about him and how big of a liar he is

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  • I think IF kquid did cheat then they should not unban him beacuse they didnt unban Jarvis so if they unban qkuid they better unban Jarvis

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  • Why does he deserve to be unbanned when he cheated you are a absolute moron kquid

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  • 5:30 why u compering a guy to going with no statement with a kid getting banned from a video game

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  • I know he might be a cheater but people need to chill with these accusations

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  • Done

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  • I don’t think you should do the interview the evidence was more than sufficient to prove he cheated he’s just claiming his innocence like anyone would do even if you guilty Epic is a huge company and I don’t believe they would make an official statement about such a small person in the community

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