Clix Is SICK..? How BAD Is It? Bugha & Chap QUIT Trio! BFC is Back! I'm Going To Be on TV!

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Clix Is SICK..? How BAD Is It? Bugha & Chap QUIT Trio! BFC is Back! I'm Going To Be on TV!

  • Wanna be on a team with Clix or Psycho? BFC Qualifier- Watch BFC on TV with Samsung-

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    • i swear it was bday and i turn 12

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  • Honestly the best controller player rn in my opinion is Reet The kids insane

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  • yum

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  • bugha and jamper

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  • scum bag clix baiter

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  • Can I watch it on my Samsung fridge?

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  • Video starts at 3.45 minutes

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  • I still watch u but don’t play fortnite cause it’s kinda trash

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  • Lot of people know Skqttles I feel like

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  • I remember when this guys news was the shit..

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  • I still believe benjy savage and letxhe r still number 1 Twitter:Ali hossam

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  • Sway is gonna win no doubt. Insta:Caz_h19

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  • I got me a Samsung now so yeah baby

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  • Wow that partnership is actually kinda sick

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  • You still find things to post on here ??? Lmao dude like a little kid when it comes to this fortnite shit 🤣

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  • What about console bfc

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  • At this point you may as well name your chanel ' The self promotion guy '

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  • Day 8: of requesting a flight to the KNG house 🙏🏾. Twitter: FIworld_Re-set

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  • What’s funny is that Clix does not know how to spell allergies. Lol

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  • Guy spent 5 min of advertising. Shhh can’t watch this anymore.

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  • Is it on DSTV?

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  • Day 21 of trying to get gfuel so I can take my gaming to the next level (also want to try it for the first time). Instagram: danbanito09

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  • I hope clix is ok Insta: tecmate_

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  • yooo what is going on guys!!! welcome back to another episode of me trying to win a daily v-bucks giveaway. twitter: @Potato95618995 now back to your host TFG, Lets get right into the news!!!

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  • Yo the KNG house has the be the best group house ever : inst Alfie.rey

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  • When did you start playing? Chapter 1 : Like Chapter 2 : Reply

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  • Yo I have a story for you this kid Actually30fps was scammed by the console player bryzic if you want proof check his channel for the vid

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  • No way BFC is back bro imma be grinding!! Instagram: crown.wokes

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  • Chaos new team are gonna rock instagram:salvadorrodriguez780

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  • 1:28 I still hate Controller, but Colazo is different

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  • Oh wow someone posts on Twitter they are going to the doctor. They must be dying

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  • The best trio is benjy savage and letshe Instagram:StormzyGG

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  • That intro for BFC season 2 was sooo sick! Big ups to your editor. Twitter: HallonnW

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  • can,t wait till sunday to join kng

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  • Tfg: coop is the best controller player in the world Reet: *clears throat* are u dumb Instagram: vozrii (PERSONAL OPINION IS THAT REET IS THE BEST PLAYER AND BEST CONTROLER HIS PIECE CONTROL IS INSANE)

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  • Your videos used to be 12-13 minutes of content. Nowadays, it’s 4 minutes of advertisements, shoutouts, and 4 minutes of content. Please do something about it

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  • I am so hyped for the tournament IG: kagiso_020

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  • I hope he doesn't have rona he inspirdd me alot Twitter MiniNizar1

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  • I am so hyped for the bfc. i justed realised i could play with clix, then i remembered im in oce ;-; hope clix will get better Twitter:Semi_Leano

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  • @milkyBTW hey man love ur vids keep up the grind!!

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  • Bro get your facts right

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  • Bfc wilk be the best on tv :Instagram itsmecarrot2

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  • I love love your videos I like ninja battles

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  • I’m happy the bfcs are bak but I’m not 13. :(

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  • I need a cracked trio for fncs and just areana hmu on Twitter @fn_zuxx

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  • I enjoyed his videos much more when there wasn’t 4 min of advertising In it

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  • His videos are just adds now

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  • Yo TFG, I know you don't have to listen but monday where you planned to have the firct bfc is the holliest day in the year for the jews and it's called yom kippur and i think that the right thing to do is to delay it because Jewish people including me can't watch it.

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  • Damn bro much respect, you really took your own time to host a whole “nother torney instead of celebrating ur bday... happy bday bro

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  • The TFG how could u forget reet. the piece control king.

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  • Video starts at 3:50

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