FaZe Ronaldo LEAKED? Ninja vs Joe Rogan! Clix DESTROYS Unknown! Console BFC!

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FaZe Ronaldo LEAKED? Ninja vs Joe Rogan! Clix DESTROYS Unknown! Console BFC!

  • I’m glad ninja sticking up for gamers and fort community in good way as long as no one say some that’s not bad in game to take out 🎮 ⌨️

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  • Loving fort especially season 4 feels like old chapter new rotation and rifts back it’s fun for competitive and pubs

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  • Its nrg

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  • 4 min intro

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  • No no not NRG Ronaldo leaving

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  • There’s Definitely a one in a billion chance he’s gonna pick me Ig tfg_ashton

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  • Is it just me or do I get criticized for being a controller player

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  • When is the console only tournament

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  • Tfg?

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  • When is the console only BFC

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  • Joe is looking at it like a boomer! Becoming a world class gamer takes the same amount of effort as becoming a world class fighter. It may not be physical effort or be as painful but in time spent its equal. Also hes an idiot because those fighters who actually do something with jujitsu like UFC tend to become brain damaged unless they are the best of the best and even then theyll probably make less than Ninja will over his career.

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  • FaZe Ronaldinho 😂

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  • Hey man, ur doing great on your YT channel u grew so much ever since than.😇 keep up the great work man stay safe.😇😷 IG: respxcz

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  • Hey man, ur doing great on your YT channel u grew so much ever since than.😇 keep up the great work man stay safe.😇😷

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  • Faze loves recruiting cheaters😂

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  • I think ron is joing chronic

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  • i legit think clix is the best player in nae ngl

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  • Nrg

    Cleo is the best at fortnite YeetCleo is the best at fortnite Yeet2 kuukautta sitten
  • I'm tired of saying this FC does not mean faze clan it mean either fear chronic or first class as in the wager group that includes yuldy dubs sway psycho lux and more so stfu people

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  • I think Ronaldo is joining one percent No Cap

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  • If we’re comparing the game if scene to the nba there is a ton of staff for the team there are the players and there are the commentators. With the amount of games there are and orgs for that game it is very easy with some skill and a little luck to find your place in the gaming scene.

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  • BFC for europe man

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  • "Its called a hobby" Lmao

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  • I hope Ron doesn’t join FaZe O.O

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  • Iwl mobile players with 100+ FPS shouldn’t be in with console players and you should move bfc across to different regions🤷🏻‍♂️

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  • U brought up reverse2k but didnt talk about him clutching endgame for the win with no mats . River San was dead and he made nothing but impulse plays. Was honestly insane. Same day as him departing TSM too which was king funny because it was his best play ever

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  • 5:37 omfg

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  • Fr tho imagine Ron joins FaZe 😳

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  • Can people play kbm mouse on console for the bfc? Also hope ron doesnt join faze IG fizzlegit

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  • NRG on top

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  • For every kid who makes a career of fornite, 10,000 will end up as losers, victimized by the social cancer. No matter how bad ninjaids cries.

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  • When Are We Getting a The Fortnite Guy Cup ?????

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  • i think 100 Thieves or NRG is the best org for Ronaldo. Instagram: killinwinter

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