FaZe Jarvis LEAKED Playing Fortnite? Will he be BANNED? Clix NEW Trio Split! Yuldy & Psycho join KNG

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FaZe Jarvis LEAKED Playing Fortnite? Will he be BANNED? Clix NEW Trio Split! Yuldy & Psycho join KNG

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    • The Fortnite Guy wat was the song wen u introduce Yuldy and physco in ur vid not the team

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  • You’ll do anything for views🤦🏼‍♂️

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  • tbh I like the music that you replaced instead of the montage music link?

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  • I just sub and turn on notifications ur videos are so interesting.

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  • Eyo that tweet was like 9 months ago

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  • I kinda miss the echo lol Insta: eselilglizzy

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  • Rip jarvis

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  • Jarvis used aimbot only cause he didn’t have any more content to post and he just wanted to entertain his viewers. He wasn’t promoting aimbot, of course he should’ve thought before he did it, but in the long run, it was just to entertain his fans. He wasn’t a threat to anyone, he wasn’t using it in competitive fortnite, just in chill pubs. He didn’t deserve a permaban, especially with how good he was. He should be unbanned and able to play Fortnite normally, although we all know he plays secretly...

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  • 1:00 All your giveaways are fake Like bruh You just edited it poorly to make it look like you messaged him Atleast put effort into it Nobody is gonna believe thats real

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    • @Sharpy AU Most of them are fake not all -_-

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    • I won a giveaway by him i dont think its fake smh

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  • Bruh jarvis wasnt a content creator he WAS a pro player

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  • I word macros

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  • Jarvis said in the video he’s Not on his own Account

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  • some one could have just nicknamed someone jarvis

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  • Jarvis’ account in Fortnite was not called Jarvis. The A in his Fortnite name was from a different language because normal Jarvis was taken. Jarvis has not been playing fortnite

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  • # rip jarvis

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  • 1:30

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  • Clix & Ronaldo & Bugha should be insane!

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  • 5:56 rip

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  • He is not playing when he got banned his last name was faZe javis

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  • everybody click the video just to know what happened with FaZe Jarvis

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  • Done

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  • he probally nicknamed one of his friends jarvis?

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  • Y doesn’t he keep playing on a diff acc and make vids on it but blur the gamer tag ?

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  • how old do u have to be for drinking gfule

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  • Faze Kay seeing that Jarvis is playing Fortnite while he is banned Kay: YOU ARE INSANE JARVIS!

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    • Not funny

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  • Basically you get any VPN and change your ip, which is what they ban, to play again

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  • Clip bucke and kreo

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  • Jarvis can play Fortnite but can’t play on his banned account

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  • Someone is copying you're vids in tik tok

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  • The account he hacked on was solo and kay played on it to but hes not banned I think it was all for views

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  • Ask someone famous to check if Jarvis was playing on his Jarvis account

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  • Nice video

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  • The thing is that other youtubers did the same thing but they epic didn’t do anything about it

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  • Oh psycho left parallel

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  • I thought faze Kay made a video pretending to be jarvis

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  • He was probably in the launcher

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  • this whole video is a joke do more research b4 u say shit

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  • Only reason he didn’t qualify was because the queue time messed him up

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    • Yea thats pretty sad!

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  • He’s made his account private on fortnite tracker

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  • Clix chap don’t care and someone else

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  • TheRetroGamerX

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  • Also I like for the dualtage they got clips on a guy that literally made a video on being a clip bot (meddy) Edit: clip bots channel is meddySZN and he’s actually petty good

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  • The thing is, if you watched the video he said he was playing on a spare pc so the only reason he isn’t playing is honor

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  • _carlos.070 I did everything I’m a big fan

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  • Jarvis is a controller player and never plays KBM so maybe it was just a random clip and there milkin it

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  • Wait ( I think ) Jarvis played on a spare pc in the Aimbot video so his main pc didn’t get banned

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  • Bro they would be one of the best creative Warriors but sway is faze sway and I know I don’t need to explain how sway build’s by the way the ratake’s he was doing was of sway and not one can beat sway because he is sway

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  • Hes broken so many monitors i wont be shocked if he plays

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  • He should buy a PS4 every week cuz PC's are expensive

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  • The Jarvis thing was just a joke because there's something called nickname when the person is offline it only shows the nickname

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    • It wasn't a nickname you would be able to see the real name under the nickname

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  • He put a nickname

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  • Jarvis can play fortnite but not on stream or yt

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  • Clix-Tfue-scoped

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  • We gonna talk about the people cheating in a tourney getting banned for 6 months but Jarvis gets banned for life because he used aim or in a casual game for entertainment use

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  • Bro Jarvis asked epic to ban him for the vid but they accidentally hardware banned

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  • Jarvis is lifetime banned his account is not banned and maybe his brother would be using his account

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  • jarvis can literally just buy a new pc...

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  • What is the song in the montage

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  • His name says Jarvis yes but Jarvis actuall Fortnite name is FaZeJarvis and I can add nicknames

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  • he is either slow or this is FAKE because it takes him 11 minutes to show to messages because he talks SO MUCH

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  • Bugha and avery

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