Fortnite Pros Caught Cheating In FNCS On STREAM By NRG Ron? Epic STEPPED IN! (FULL STORY)

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Fortnite Pros Caught Cheating In FNCS On STREAM By NRG Ron? Epic STEPPED IN! (FULL STORY)

  • Watch the full vid for the entire story! Love you guys

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    • Ron is so funny his reaction is priceless😂 Instagram:ro.07

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    • Bully is ur player? On kng

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    • 39th

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    • Why would u stream that lol Insta: 0ishaan_kumar0

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  • how much bully pay you to give out this bullshit story?

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  • So what does it mean, are they really cheating or nah, and also RIP the fortnite guys twitch, was a follower there, loved those moments where you used to grind a ton in overwatch Twitter: MazenC4

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  • It’s still cheating

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  • Bully is a cheater you never believe when people try to cheat he already got caught cheating before

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  • Marzz has been through so much but still receives the worst treatment Ig-gtdarst

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  • Not cheating

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  • I watch all of you’re videos. Instagram: yt_LethalFreek

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  • so bully cheated?

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  • How was bully even cheating?nvmd I went a little further

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  • Who’s the player who plays while you talk ?? ((Comments reply))

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  • I can’t believe paper just 1v3d them Instagram: squidy_was_taken

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  • wasnt bully the guy that got kicked from kungarna for saying the hard R, and btw my twitter is @ thiccgirljello

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  • From kids looking at eachother and getting sensitive IRL to kids on fortnite not aloud to 50/50 a spot? Bruh This generations is FUCKED

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  • mfken controller pros in the backround missing their pumps then aimbotting them this game is shit

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  • Ronaldo’s mike is garbage

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  • If I’m being honest Ron is only Pro that get girls My insta is arieswtfz

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  • At the end of the day man if people cheat it sucks however it dose happen and there’s not as much as we can do as we would like to but things happen I can’t stress it enough being a professional gamer and content creator fortntie has been though a lot and changed a lot and I hope the community dose not die down becaUs of it you guys know all of us have seen some really great names and head lines pop out of no where the fortntie guy has said it himself time and time again about how he feels about it in the pro community we have seen people get banned for no reason I am the fortntie guy and most of us as normal players and pros and overall everyone reading has said it again and again we are tired of people getting into these situations we just want to see the World Cup again yes it might not happen again this year the way we want it to because of our state of the pandemic however I’m sure the fortntie guy will agree we all have to strive to become the greatest out there with our mindset and positive look on life that’s the key to success and a great community we have seen kungarna blow up and get a amazing house and have new members and things and it’s honestly life changing and I am so proud of it it really shows how strong we are as a positive community sorry for the rent however everyone reading this thanks so much much love for grinders and haters out there guys ❤️❤️stay golden and stay sweeter then honey 🍯🍯

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  • Lmao Ron's reactions are priceless🤣 Instagram: abdelmxz

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  • Sometimes I really hope Ron lives alone😂😂😂😂😂

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  • man literally has the taking break kng shit

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