Unknown Is BLACKLISTED for this.. Fortnite RUINED Clix's chances! Ronaldo Joins NEW Org!

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KNG pro cheating: fiworld.info/goon/m3jbp33dl26Grnk/videot.html
TFG Stream: bigo.onelink.me/1168916328/thefortniteguy
Unknown Is BLACKLISTED for this.. Fortnite RUINED Clix's chances! Ronaldo Joins NEW Org!

  • Crazy vid today boys! Hope you have a good one! Be sure to check out the new KNG vid! KNG pro cheating: fiworld.info/goon/m3jbp33dl26Grnk/videot.html TFG Stream: bigo.onelink.me/1168916328/thefortniteguy

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  • ig : darks_revenge im not gonna win NRG did their house tour its crazy unknown was like get renegaded in get charli dameliod on

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    • Ur a month late

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  • Instead of being blacklisted from practices because he w keys maybe its because he's the most toxic member in nrg

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  • Bro that happened to me epic took my spot away right before the tournament I was sad and mad

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  • the fact that ronaldo is clixs brother and he says its his bestfreind

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  • unknown beating people who have been on kbm since the start of the game lmao legend

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  • Your not first Your not last But most importantly Nobody asked

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  • Nice video

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  • Unknown literally has beef with every fortnite player

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  • Unknown is the most proficient w keyer hands down

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  • He’s been banned cause he’s to good for them and they sooo look at clix he’s the biggest gaming sook of al time

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  • Yo can’t wait to see what org Ronaldo joins my insta is Richards_Ioan

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  • The fortnite guy: that’s the thing with fortnite, they change everything so often Season 2: BrUh

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  • “That way i can find you guys” ok then... 😂

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  • So That Alone..... SO ThAt AlOnE - TFG

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  • players should not be administering a practice server

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  • You shouldn’t promote catching one of ur players as a cheater it isn’t a good look

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  • I wish you an awesome year with great luck & amazing opportunities 🙏

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  • He’s join misfit

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  • Remember when Clix Danced on Killing UnknownArmy, Unknown went out hard on him, Now he dances on Clix, Clixes response :.........

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    • Unknown is dogshit

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  • Ronaldo da goat Instagram: abel_villagran

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  • Unknown is a goat! twitter: @exjbgaming

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  • I love that unknown used to be goated at controller honestly don’t know why he switched love the vids👍 keep up the good work

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    • SDS hvoc but it’s still goated

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    • Zinxty ReTaKeSzZ aim assist got nerfurd

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  • Unknown is better than clix don’t @ me IG is @jujuuwtf

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  • Hes so immature lmao

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  • Unknown only killed benjy cus benjy was on high ping

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  • Yet Clix still streaming pro trio cup

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  • Saying ron will go to faze makes you sound stupid

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    • This was 3 days ago

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  • Imagine stream sniping your org team mates (not clix I know) .

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  • Unknown is being salty just because clip joined the same org

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  • unknown

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  • Benjyfishy was on 100+ ping tfg he could not have killed unknown it would of been so hard

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  • Benjy is playing in 90 ping

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  • Unknown was really happy after he killed CLIX😂🤦‍♂️smh

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  • Imagine if ronaldo announced he was in nrg by tweeting that unknown blocked him for being in the same org as clix

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  • This guy unknown was stream sniping

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  • When I heard Ronaldo I thought it was soccor person

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  • Ronaldo qualed for dh unlike bizzle and nate hill and other players, hes more than a cc

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  • of course benjy died hes on na, unknown would never beable to beat benjy da god

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    • Benjy is the best in the worls

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  • It was a blue tac vs a purple charge Clix would’ve doged on him if the tac wasn’t so bad :ig benoncontroller .

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  • Clix is still better it because clix has hurt his hand

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