Fortnite BANS Macro Cheating? Notluc & Ryft In Trouble? FaZe Sway CANNOT Be Stopped...

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Fortnite BANS Macro Cheating? Notluc & Ryft In Trouble? FaZe Sway CANNOT Be Stopped...

  • Love you guys! Enjoy season 4! Giveaway:

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    • Not luc and ryft dont macro

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    • Some lazy ass video here for views not even decency to get footage of season 4 lol

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    • Ryft doesn't macro >:C

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    • What happend to the valorant channel?

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  • I thought ryft didn’t macro

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  • Not Luc doesn't macro tho

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  • Luc and ryft are not macro cheaters

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  • Not luc and ryft dude they dont macro?

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  • Im also a bit confused about mkey and tripple bind etc i personaly dont use such software but some of my friends do and its just unfair in my point of view they have no delay with it and just spamming 3 binds at the time really can change your edit game

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  • Notluc and ryft are legit Bro

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  • They’ll never be able to catch all the people using macros if they try a load of legit players will be banned

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  • As if the new season was 2021. Anyways IG:@filippos_insta

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  • Hey ryft and not luc do not use macros

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  • ummmmmmmmmm..... NotLuc and Ryft are NOT macro cheaters They just use Code: Flea and their hands are fast

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  • Hi I haven’t watched in forever but u still have such good content

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  • This season is so amazing

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  • Ur so dumb notluc and ryft are not macroers

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  • Ryft???? Though he didn’t

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  • The fact that Notluc and Ryft don't Macro smh

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  • The macros cheats are insane Ig rxyl_ethan

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  • I loved tfg content alot. But when he said " fornite banned macros that can be such as Ryft and NotLuc from support a creator. He really thinks notluc and ryft uses macros -_-

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    • But its like I watch tfg everyday

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  • Notluc and Ryft don't use macros and in multiple videos they have proven their handcams and macros can't edit stairs but notluc can so yeh. If they do get removed from support-a-creator then Epic Games will ban innocent players and they will also ban Brux because he is as fast as Notluc and ryft and is also legit with handcam proof...

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  • I know this isn’t connected to anything but I thought this was funny. So I was thinking there should be a punch card that said “CONTROLLER PLAYER!!” When you got a double headshot, triple headshot, and quadruple head shot. Ig.Austin.d.2010

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    • I don’t think kng existed in season 8

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  • Ryft does not macro

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  • Notluc and ryft don't macro they did handcams to prove it

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  • "No Celebrating or Supporting Cheaters" -- I guess that means no more "FreeJarvis" videos.

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    • @Jst Xeno _ he cheated idiot

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    • he didn’t use macros

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