Unknown & ZexRow CAUGHT Stream Sniping Clix LIVE! Will They Be BANNED?

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Unknown & ZexRow CAUGHT Stream Sniping Clix LIVE! Will They Be BANNED?

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  • they are not good enough that they have to stream snipe

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  • Fortnite Guy: Not that Rich me: bruh he bought a mansion

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  • Unknown is the best player🤣

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  • Ukn noob

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  • Mackwood claiming another ex teammate was a cheater yet he's squeaky clean, right

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  • UnknownxArmy didn’t recruit chaotic he’s zex duo

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  • Unknown is bad clip is better unknown just jealous that clip better

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  • I don't think any Fortnite kid able to breath in Xbox lobbies they r just too soft

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  • Clix is so annoying when he talks like that so cringe lmfao

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  • Is there even a proof? i mean if u try to reboot someone theres gonna be a visible blue beacon and on unknowns position he can see that. (Still havent finish the vid)

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  • Clix is saying why unknown was rushing him, it’s just unknown heard clix getting rebooted maybe that’s why he rushed

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  • And they said that they split up because zex wasn’t proforming at the level of Mack, and calc. And clix said that calc has been asking him for like 6 weeks

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  • Mack,calc, and zex split up like 3 weeks ago

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  • Unknown is just annoying

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