Clix & Ron chased down by Paparazzi! Reverse2k FALLS Asleep Mid Tournament! Letshe NEW Org!

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    • @MrBeast u made a self promote on Formulas vid today I just replied to it .....don’t self promote

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  • You are the best keep grinding

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  • lol the paparazzi isn’t even about fortnite lmao

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  • Lol i like tortillas @el_dazam

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  • Unknown looks so sad

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  • wrewwdergyeaw freawH

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  • Why is this channel not dead yet

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  • Never knew who G2 was ig _shabbir.n

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  • Reverse2k is really underrated. Twitter - @ashscorp1 Instagram - soul._.grapher

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  • Ig raidweek

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  • I love how unknown and zayt got completely ignored

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  • Starts at 2:30

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  • I love how you do these give aways have a good day btw my insta is cj_johnson184

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  • i really would like to try gfuel , instagram:st3f_xh84

    Sean TanSean Tan18 päivää sitten
  • i really would like to try gfuel , instagram:st3f_xh84

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  • damn last time only celebrities will get chased by paparazzi,now gamers are regarded like celebrities too,happy to see that. instagram:st3f_xh84

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  • i really would like to try gfuel ,instagram:st3f_xh84

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  • i really would like to try gfuel ,instagram:st3f_xh84

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  • Ur vid isn't getting to my sub box

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  • Y r your intros like over half the videos no one cares about your giveaways that r probably don’t even matter because all the time you talk about then you make that money back in a second

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  • Bruh ur so disrespectful unknown was literally apart of ur team yet in every video ur either siding against him even though sometimes hes not wrong. Or repeatedly not mentioning him even though he's there.

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  • They have to be renting 1000000 dollar house for content for sure no hate to NRG tho

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  • I forgot to enter yesterday day shit

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  • Reverse fell asleep 😂😂 jokes - pk_chico_gg ig

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  • G2 got Coop now LetShe congratulations!

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  • Switching to pc ig:rickypoodydoody

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  • I remember when he made the video about a FIworldr who made fake news

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  • Instagram : jhxq._ Paparazzi damn pros going famous i mean famous famous

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  • U should do a video on aydan he returned

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  • 0:36 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

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  • Visible discomfort🤣

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  • I waisted at least 2 minutes of my time to watch an intro and 1 minute writing this comment complaining about how absolutely ridiculous this intro was 😂

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  • Reverse2k is a beast, he’s been popping so much lately. Twitter: Tylernap11

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  • I dont even know what is paparazzi is @electronic4

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  • I didn’t even know g2 was an org glad they picked up letshe Instagram: twittereytrc

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  • Botsty on Instagram

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  • I literally finish my plate by watching the long intro 😤😤😤

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  • Lol but trust TFG to only have the longest compared to length of the video intro LOL

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  • All the comments talking about the intro but not one time stamp. Video starts at 2:30

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  • i saw g2 letshe coming. It’s the best german org and they just signed coop. Instagram: fahimrahman25

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  • i saw g2 letshe coming. It’s the best german org and they just signed coop. Instagram: fahimrahman25

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  • Ron sounds weird not hearing him through his mic😭 Twitter: _FraGGR

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  • 2:30 Video Starts

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  • Roses are red Violets are blue Letshe got signed By the great org G2 Twitter: @FlamezClan2

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  • Nice 2 and a half minute intro I think you repeated yourself on everything at least twice these vids would probably be like 2 mins if you actually just started talking about it at the start

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  • Reverse catching some zzzzzz's Twitter:KXtr3m3

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  • Reverse always looks tired instagram that_kid_sam2008

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  • Dude pls ask sway to make a retake tutorial againn we need it 😭😭

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  • What paparazzi would chase down Clix and Ron lol. Perosnally, benjyfishy is my favorite. He's on the more positive side of pros.

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