Chap & Vivid Join NEW Org! Clix & Ninja TEAM! 150K Arena Points! Ron Wins Free Chipotle for a YEAR!

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Chap & Vivid Join NEW Org! Clix & Ninja TEAM! 150K Arena Points! Ron Wins Free Chipotle for a YEAR!

  • I love vids

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  • I love ur content. You’re GOATED. IG: yaboikbs Twitter: Itz_KBS

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  • i believe im better

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  • Most swettiest is Benji

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  • Epikwhale is better then Arkham

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  • instagram @0twcourt

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  • Arch ram I think is better Instagram frosty fn 5

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  • Reef is west to

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  • Bro

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  • Yoooo Ron fearless and illest should trio

    ChuyV3ChuyV317 päivää sitten
  • Ngl chap and vivid joining c9 will not make c9 any more relevant they’ve gone downhill since comp cod (call of duty)

    DexqDexq17 päivää sitten
  • Mechanically/ piece control = Reet Consistentsy/Smart= epikwhale Arkham isn’t bad isn’t in the middle but his the Tier before god tier he just needs a World Cup to prove himself it’s the biggest lan to prove yourself on

    DexqDexq17 päivää sitten
  • love the content instagram: jeremiahsimpsonn

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  • Kingship101 twitter Love your content Only recently started to watch but you'll see me back here again .

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  • TFG: Who is better Arkhram1x or EpikWhale?? Me: YO BOI REET!!! Insta: Inuu_is_a_qt

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  • Ninja clix amazing duo Ig:pavan._.ahehe

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  • Ninja and click, let’s see what will happen Instagram:maccido__

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  • Lol Arkham wins everything in the west region why wouldn’t you want him on your team

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  • twitter- Spaxm pls pls gift me

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  • I memorised his intro

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  • everyone always hatin on Ron twitter:hotbxofn

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  • Dud ron is so funny 😂😂😂

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  • Clix and ninja ftw ig: Edgaral004

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  • Sheesh, THIS VIDEO WAS INSANE!!!!!!!

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  • Day 4 of trying for the giveaway twitter: TheBucketShow

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  • if i evey win... my twitter is @Colin96178886 i have been whating ur vids for quit a while :)

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  • 2:15 My friend died lol i was in the game they lucky we got 3rd partied hard

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  • I don’t want to be like that but I’m underated

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  • I want to see ninja and clix so bad Instagram:Shahzain.ttv

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  • i think that clix arkham and ninja will be a great tem in future events as well as ninjabattles i hope they do well in the next couple of weeks Twitter:BIGEXCEPTION1

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  • I WANT GFUEL PLSSSS Ig: luca.s_nguyen

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  • clix and ninja never saw that happening and ron is gonna be running 2 the toilet alot lol instagram:

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  • Can't wait till you hit 1 mil insta sasuke9king

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  • LUV UR VIDS SOO MUCH IG: not_mpt

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  • That's crazy I cant believe that c9 is back and chap deserves it @SchurgerDaddy

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  • hopefully clix duos with ninja for some events IG: ayfainty

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  • Hope the irl channel is going well ig: stepsis.zynxy

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  • Marz is so good he inspires me 2 play arena every time i play twitter: Fleqxy

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  • luv ur vidsmy twitter plxeey

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  • A ninja towel would be cool instagram: @crazysriharii

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  • I love the videos man Instagram carterfirment11

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  • Congrats to chap and vivid! twitter: gtailsyt

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  • Nice video! Instagram Stas.adamczyk

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  • I swear Ron is so funny😂 Twitter-_Zen1x

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  • did everything instagram kraileum.frostyx

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  • Fake fr

  • I love the vids and what you’re doing over at KNG! Instagram: h.uddy_

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  • ron is definitely the goat no doubt. ig:cantguardjohn

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  • Ummm👉👈never tried gfuel.can i have one pleeeeeez. Any flavor will do👉👈

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  • ninja coming to comp? YESSIR!!!!!!!!!!! instagram: tuxeyy

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  • ron is so funny and is good ig:mmelo2442

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  • Lol ig empzxgriefsyou

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  • We not gonna talk about how he has the longest intros

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  • I hope Ron eats chipotle all the time lol. Insta: aaravnehta

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  • Cloud 9 + chap = 🥇 Instagram: @yt_Warwar2pro14

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  • damn the god duo maybe ig: faraz_hanan

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  • reet is better then arkham

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  • I can't for ninja clix and 150k points! Twitter:Slap_on_Tiktok

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  • I love ron

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  • Ninja and Clix are good duo Ig:K.sadzak_15

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  • love ur videos keep up the grind twitter @EmotionsYt

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  • can you make a vid on the beef with ron and bugha and clix

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  • CLIX AND NINJA TEAM!! ig:TheAmazingCatNala

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  • Wow who ever thought that clan and ninja would duo together Insta: rougex08

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  • you forgot Ninja,Myth,Syperpk,Typical Gamer bro their such a good squad

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  • Insta: ens austro . Love your vids

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  • I’m happy there teaming up😁

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  • Crazy signings for the fn veterans twitter Noahszn good luck!

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  • I love your video my Instagram is qt.clzy

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  • Anyone else liked and sub Instagram imran_on_top

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  • c9 could be a god org Twitter Pollock_FN

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  • cant wait for the bangers clix X ninja :ig ohzexo twitter ohzexo

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  • really happy for vivid and chap they deserve it actually insta-joshua.meyase

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  • Instagram yeezy_600

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  • Selling a og skull lol

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  • Ninja and Clik hmmmm don’t think that is gonna work Twitter: @CameronWolpert

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  • I hope I win soon IG:mysticc_fn

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  • I hope I win Instagram: efeekmekcii

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  • wavyjacob is best in the west sorry

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  • ninja and clix playing together is going to be interesting twitter: @MxtzFN

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  • Ninja x clix nice ig psycho x yt

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  • I dunno what to do for you to see this comment.. sooo, i LOVE your vids! Twitter: SafuuSS

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  • C9 recruit fortnite players how do i not know that?😂🤣 great video btw tfg big fan Twitter:Zerkafy

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  • ron is definitely my favorite player in the fn community ig: brogadjust10

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  • ron eating good

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