FaZe Jarvis UNBANNED..? FAKE! Bugha Responds to Epic "WARNING"! Vbucks are now CHEAPER!

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FaZe Jarvis UNBANNED..? FAKE! Bugha Responds to Epic "WARNING"! Vbucks are now CHEAPER!

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    • Why was ur mic echoing

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  • 7:00 epics excuse to this is they can't provide info because it would "expose how they get the info" and would somehow make it easier for hackers or something to avoid getting banned? I was falsely banned on many accounts, I have been ip banned from fortnite for apparently "exploiting", even though I never did such actions. The only thing I can think of, is that I got banned because of a GTA Mod menu, because I had been playing GTAV with a menu on before that, and then I went to play fortnite with a friend, and I got kicked out of the match with a message on my screen saying "you were removed from the match due to internet lag, your IP or machine, VPN usage, or for cheating. We recommend not utilizing VPN or proxy services while attempting to play fortnite.". After, I tried playing another game, and got a message saying, I was banned for 24 hours. I came back about 2 days later to try and play the game, and it doesn't even let me lauch the game, it just has the message "banned" on it. I contacted epic Via email, only to get a reply from a bot saying something about how they reviewed my ban and it was justified, which is comeplete bullshit. I spent over $1k USD on this game only for me to get permanently banned for no reason.

    XRRR0XRRR013 päivää sitten
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  • *I am so glad, I got unban perfectly and permanently thanks to thomtools on íñßtãgråm, he is super good and perfect✔

  • *I am so glad, I got unban perfectly and permanently thanks to thomtools on íñßtãgråm, he is super good and perfect✔

  • Unban jarvis

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  • *Fasth4ck* on Instagram help me ALLHAMDULILAHI

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  • *The real professional hacker for this job is net_pro247_ on íñßtãgråm, he is just too perfect in unban and unsuspended✔✔*

    Vrushabh GaikwadVrushabh GaikwadUukausi sitten
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  • So don't say he's unbanned in the title dumbasss

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  • Unbanned

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  • What happened to valorant guy😭😭

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  • Yay now Canada is even just like we were in the past 😂

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  • jarvis was one of the best players and they just banned people without a reason they should be telling you why you got banned and what was the reason 👍 thumbs up if im right

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  • For some reason I thought when he said I had a dream he meant the MLK “I had a dream”

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  • It's really not a good defense in a way he said oh I jumped in because I heard catty loot but how do you know that the shotgun that was shot was catty like to be real its 50/50 because he said and I'll say it again the only reason he rushed is because he heard catty loot. HOWWW??

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  • We all know that Jarvis still plays on a alt

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  • Damn lol this was really not the best change looking at it now

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  • That was the highest level of clickbait..... “JARVIS IS UNBANNED” but Kay has a dream about it so that means he did

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  • Yo Kay is actually crazy

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  • Title: Jarvis UNBANNED? TFG: "Yes it is fake" Me: WHY THE FU-

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  • Jarvis is banned forever because he cheated and he uploaded a video on him cheating

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