Why did Ron & Unknown LEAVE the NRG House? Clix CAUGHT Stream Sniping By ZexRow? Is It TRUE?

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Why did Ron & Unknown LEAVE the NRG House? Clix CAUGHT Stream Sniping By ZexRow? Is It TRUE?

  • Go signup and play in $1000's of dollars worth of tournaments for FREE! www.repeat.gg/lp/tfg-tournament

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  • i dont understand how they think its streamsniping if you see in arena trios a player hiding behind a tree sniping not helping there team theny you might infer there weak or otherwise at a disadvantage and would push tbh it seems there petty they got caught

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  • Hi this is my first video I ever watched of you. Like how you get into details. Twitter : ZeusJuiice

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  • Thank u for wasting almost 9 minutes of my life

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  • Hope i win

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  • How do I hide this kids videos it’s literally an ad for 5 mins. Then he doesn’t even really get into any of the stories that he makes you click bait for lol.

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  • Zexrow was streamsniping cause they know what skins they are

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  • He dont give away gfuel ive seen 100ppl who win but never get msg or he will msg an say he sent it but it never comes lol he just wants subs an comments cause he is falling off

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  • Grown man thinking its breaking news where a few 15 yr old boys live. Weird. Knew I shouldn't have clicked this link.

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  • Instagram: kvng_vonn2x I hope I win 🙏🏼🤞🏼

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  • 7:18 zen is just trying to clear his name becuase he knows that his team stream sniped clix yesterday.

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  • Can't really be mad, TFG just trying to cash in on what seems to be a dying game,. Although on paper fortnite is doing good in actuality the comp scene is full of bratty kids and it's just unwatchable. Wish EPIC would switch things up, but as long they making money they won't

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  • Horrible video.

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  • whose playing in the background at beginning of the video

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  • I’m only 9 :((((

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  • Video starts at 4:00

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  • half the video is self promo

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  • Bruh it took u a while 4 minutes to advertise all your bs. Bruh jeez man it's like wathcing 3 twitch ads before seeing the stream

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  • Stream snipe?? It looked too me like the enemy team laser them cuz they were on the way. The guy was playing defense the entire time. Of course the other team gonna understand and attack back!! This happens in public game as well. Nowadays when those people lose, they don't lose because the other guys played better .... No they loose cuz of stream snipping. Those "pro" really need to take responsibility for their own sh*t and stop randomly accusing people when the get recked!!

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  • the clickbait in ur titles is insane lmfao

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  • I know you gotta make money, but come dude 4 min intros? Wtf, am I at the movie theatre?

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  • This man ur so dumb he did not leave he was going somewhere dumb but look in there youtube

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  • They didn’t even leave

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  • Maybe the reason why they know that u don’t have a shotgun maybe bc u didn’t shoot a shotgun so yes he knows that u didn’t have one he needs to grow up

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  • you clickbait even harder now?

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  • idk but i think zexrow is dumb because if they see a SOLO and there is 2 people on height why wouldn't they push him free kill.

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  • Why tf is your Intro like 4 and half minutes dude

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  • 4 mins out of the 8 min vid was prmotion

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  • zex is goofy asf

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  • how does zexrow even know it was clix in the fight

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  • 2:35 he exposed his own full name

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  • Y did Ron have to leave? Insta @cash_4059

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  • But Clix can get stream sniped and it ok 😂😭 y’all just mad Clix is the best

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  • Literally half the video is him self promoting....

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  • It's just karma also they kinda deserve it for stream sniping them and that was really obvious 😂 My twitter is El1t3Alpha

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  • I think he didnt stream snipe Insta : A M3hm3t A

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  • Omg zexrow is so trash

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  • The video literally starts after 4 minutes 😒

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  • Which would you rather fight 2 guys that are on you or you can 3v1 a solo and get siphon and mats from them

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    • They pushed zexrow because he was separated from his team

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  • The nrg house videos were funny. It’s gonna be different not seeing Ron or unknown insta:youtube_clapangel Hope I win

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  • Nah he was a solo so they pushed

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  • why would chaotic say I cracked clix how do they know it's them ig: sheluvskell

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    • bruh 14 isnt a lot

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  • Bruh. His teammate said, hit clix. Cracked him. How would they know that it was Clix's team? They had to be streamsnipinig them. Maybe both teams were streamsniping each other.

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    • @Ethan Perez That's true. Thanks for that insight. Forgot it was pro scrims.

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    • It’s pro scrims everyone knows where everyone is since they all practice together everyday. They know all their rotations so they know that’s clixs team.

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  • They all accuse eachother because they all do it. Let's grow up play fair, and stop complaing about everything. You're all killing my game and dad is mad.

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  • Zeaxrow is so dumb they took all his shield off and pushed him because he was low

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    • You win!

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  • Plot twist: zexrow was on Clix’s stream and positioned his team to get focused by clix

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  • It was obvious zex didn’t have a shotgun cause he stood back Nd only shot an ar it obvious

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    • Ion think they stream snipped

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  • He left the nrg house because it’s been a month There I saved sometime for you to not watch this vid and waste time in your life

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  • Lol

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  • Are the matches played in arena or public solo

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  • I’m 12 can I play I’m pretty mature

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  • Ayy, i didn't come here for any giveaway but I'm still subbed and i liked.

    • @The Fortnite Guy tbh i skipped the giveaway part because it was boring.😒

    • @The Fortnite Guy i wasn't focussing on the giveaway because I'm just intrested in the nrg news

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  • Funny how u are 100% sure that Chaotic stream sniped Clix cause a picture (that dont prove they are stream sniping him on the exactly moment). But somehow u make excuses to defend Clix lmao Well i guess u have to defend the kid that make u earn money by spreading lies

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  • he streamed sniped for sure

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  • First 4 minutes was an intro

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  • he obviously was gonna get his game griefed because he was clearly playing on the defensive istg:mahadkhan_17

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  • Literally a 2 minute add

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    • It's like 10 years ago and watching a fucking commercial. Trash

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  • has anyone actually got a payout from repeat ive been waiting for over a week lmao

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