NEW NRG House Revealed! NRG x FaZe House? Marzz_Ow Opens Up About Being FORCED Out of Scrims By Pros

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NEW NRG House Revealed! NRG x FaZe House? Marzz_Ow Opens Up About Being FORCED Out of Scrims By Pros

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    • my dad said that if i get 1000 views on my 91 montage i will get a controller.

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    • I like and sub my IG name is andrew.collazo.18

      NSM_ANDREW YTNSM_ANDREW YT6 kuukautta sitten
    • I like and sub my IG is andrew.collazo.18

      NSM_ANDREW YTNSM_ANDREW YT6 kuukautta sitten
    • Lvu the vids bro keep up the great work

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  • New NRG house looks so cool :insta skyro

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  • They live in my neighborhood it’s in hidden hills California

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  • I’m just now seeing this I sold them that house 😂

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  • that's highsky house with them

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  • highsky

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  • Insta:tyshark15

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  • When he said code KNG I thought he said cocaine and g @ 8:25

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  • this whole video was just to get us to know that kng has sighned a new player XD piss off, no one cares about kng on this channel

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  • Ngl whofishy is a pretty good controller player

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  • lol

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  • I liked

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  • That nrg house is sick. Ig: iam_zico_

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  • Marzz has been through so much but still gets hate

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  • My twitter is Fusk__ Ive never had gfule and would love to try ut

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  • Man Marz’s story hit different. Feel bad that he gets hate because he deserves so much more than he has P.S : I don’t want vbucks or gfuel a sub on my channel would be cool, I wanna be a great FIworldr like you someday

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  • bro these news are insane ig:vlasisfolokis

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  • I feel really bad for Marzz OW he seems like such a good guy that gets a lot of hate for having a lot of points Instagram : deal_with_scamp HOPE I WIN !!!!

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  • Damn house looks good Instagram: fiishy.offical

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  • new house looks lit! twitter LightFN

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  • Are we gonna talk about how tfg hasn’t posted in 2 days????

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  • Would love some gfuel my Twitter is @EclipseFrosty

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  • marzz is a goat all this stuff happened to him but he never gave up. twitter: @BH_Rxftz

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  • I stopped watching him like 6ish months ago cause I stopped playing fortnite and he was still saying only a couple days until the gfuel discount ends 💀💀

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  • One problem. If the NRG boys are in LA, won't that mean they have to play on NA-West??

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  • Ppl are mad bcus marrz cant be himself ut still gets judged by player who THINK they are better instead of them hating on him they should gring also. twitter:BLG Claps

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  • I liker subbed and put on noties

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  • Ah yes Faze’s private jet

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  • Marzz vs reet would be crazy Twitter: pilattea

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  • LoganBeKappa on all socials 😣

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  • Has anyone actually won a vbuck/gfuel giveaway

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  • Marzz is insane and should get more positivity but not going to lie it sounded like you said cocaine when saying use code kng at the end of the video!!!

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  • I want to win bro pick me bro I was trying to win like 30th time is now

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  • I can’t wait until this new NRG house instagram:999.2fa

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  • Crazy video as usual! twitter @jamesmaenpaa

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  • rip marz with all the arena points cant play ): insta minidiskuggs

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  • hi

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  • Marz really the most humble player and the community is toxic to him😔 Ig: xQped

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  • This is bad that he has been forced out he really grinded for what he did ig- yucxy_

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  • i think pros are tooo tooo harsh on marzz

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  • TFG be doing a shorter intro Me : YESSSSSSSSSS Him : well, they are holding some gfuel in their hands, Also him : and if you want 30% off Me: face plants into the ground

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  • I dont get why pros hate on marzz hes not toxic hes kind and he doesn't care if anyone hates on him he just provides positivity

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  • idk why people hate on marzz he is such a chill man, what a beast Nexy is great decision picking him up. @gus31764106

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  • I dont get it why people hate on marzz its so dumb Twitter: TINCA246

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  • damn les go another NRG house insta- karimmohamedreda2005

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  • Marz is a real grinder you gotta respect that. Twitter: TXNZ0

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  • Instagram : Krypticfnbr1_ or marwanelfaki

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    • I honestly dont condone hate I dont think marzz_ow should be going through that there's always a time when you are going to lose and win I just dont get why pros are mad just because he is an arena player its basically competitive he can play competitive if he wants and if he won then he won theres nothing anyone can do about it :)

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  • I have been watching your vid for almost 2 years straight and they are still interesting and informative. Instagram r2frogman

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  • Every pro is just jealous of marrz because he’s grinding ig:poopie_z/Bonter

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  • 9:07 did i hear “I love you”

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  • Marzz does not derserve hate INSTAGRAM: zexyfreeagent

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  • that sucks tbh twitter @wowitscork

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  • There should be no reason for people to get mad at marzz ow he is just better than them Twitter: Flopurduu

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  • Loved the video! My insta is: realimux

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  • Marzz is a great player and doesn’t deserve hate he so humble and nice to everyone one cause he plays arena gets hate so sad ig ytexoticnova

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  • FAZE X NRG WHAT IF MAN IT WOULD BE FIRE Twitter: @notjumphim

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  • Bro why was that tweet sooooooo long

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  • Frxmytfg nice to meet u

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  • Tell me am I high or am I high

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  • Yooo this new faze house is gonna be insane: Instagram Zer0h2

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  • Can’t wait for nrg house - instagram gaelcos8

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  • Yoo unknown army vs faze sway I'd love to see tthat

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  • i feel bad for Marzz_Ow he deserves support insta F.Qc8

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  • Imagine, if Marzz_Ow gets a million points... wow

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  • Twitter Vurnza hopefully I win

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  • I’ve been subbed to nexy for so long it’s good to finally see an org sign him. Ig-gtdarst

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  • I live in LA, ima look for Clix

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  • wow thats insane, insta jackson.avery03

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  • I like and sub my IG name is andrew.collazo.18

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  • I like and sub my IG name is andrew.collazo.18

    NSM_ANDREW YTNSM_ANDREW YT6 kuukautta sitten
  • I like and sub my IG name is andrew.collazo.18

    NSM_ANDREW YTNSM_ANDREW YT6 kuukautta sitten
  • I like and sub my IG is andrew.collazo.18

    NSM_ANDREW YTNSM_ANDREW YT6 kuukautta sitten
  • There’s someone on TikTok useing your content and I asked them then they said yes the account is fornite_moments67

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  • Marr_ow is a real inspiration he went through a lot of hate and broke his hand and had anxiety and even depression but now he is the real goat my Twitter is damiana53442345

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  • I want vbucks my Twitter is Central-llama and you are the best youtuber

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  • oooo

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  • At first I thought Nexy was on kbm lol 😆

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  • Go sign marzz_ow he’s cracked you a,ready now that but you really should before anyone else takes him

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  • If they’re in LA doesn’t that mean they’ll be on NAW

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  • TFG is a goat for the recent news💯❤️ Instagram wyd.jl

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  • Imagine advertising for 6mins out of the 9min video

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  • The new house should be good, clix likes it, so I do 😂 My Twitter is: Excut6

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  • I feel bad for marzz twitter: NivbeFN

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  • Cheese intsagram:dark.serum

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  • The nrg house sounds and looks amazing can’t wait for some great content Instagram:Siphonhehe

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  • Damn they did him like that Insta: maybe_neko

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  • I swear on god it’s not these pros being assholes it’s the whole of gen that, that’s just sad. But damn these pros be cussing and acting all tough like they’re gangster and telling people to sit down and shit and then out in the real world they get their ass beat the fuck up LOL 😂

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