FaZe Sway BLOCKED By Fortnite? Epic Not Paying Ninja's Events? What's going on??

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FaZe Sway BLOCKED By Fortnite? Epic Not Paying Ninja's Events? What's going on??

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    • Jayden Poindexter tf? not simping it means when a guy hits on a girl and does everything she says.

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  • youtube getting brave with these double 15 saecond unskipables

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  • Sway comments the dumbest shit on fortnites Twitter posts anyway they should block his dumb ass

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  • Bruh change the music once in awhile

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  • Epic need to work on their tourneys all they focus on is party royale | IG Bryantlmao

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  • Give away g fuel cause theres nothing like giving away cancer.. shit should be banned.

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  • Fall guys is better

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  • Bruh i just got the notification

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  • Tfg u should start posting gameplay man. Ig @advancedl2

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  • I’ll love you

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  • This is a time for any random people to say they need money 🤣

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  • U should do more gameplay I like watching u play

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  • can we just acknowledge repulses profile is rthym bots

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  • epic is trash

  • Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you and stay safe i’m struggling to get 1k ❤️!!!!

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  • it's cool that TFG mentioned New Zealand. Since I'm from there :P

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  • FaZeSways the goat Instagram: dominickp_

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  • When ur giveaways are fake ^_-

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  • I would weather play fall guys with way less drama

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  • wait fortnite is not paying ninjas event

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  • Video starts at 8:00

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  • Fall guys is better in my opinion

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  • I play fall guys it is so fun its impossible to rage in my opinion. ig - Lucid_Peggy

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  • It would be nice if they show how much money epic games owes the players. They need to give the pros their money. ig - Lucid_Peggy

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  • Yo FNG just a head's up your gameplay B role has been slightly laggy lately

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  • This game is seriously still a thing...meh

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  • No drama so he covers tweet stealing lmao

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  • This game is complete joke bruh 😂😂 lmao

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  • Loving this season so far👌🏽 Twitter Rubenvert266

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  • I actually feel bad for oceania I swear they don't even have duos anymore and none of them no matter how good they were and how many times they qualified they couldn't go to world cup finals

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    • It's not over every cloud

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  • damn, sway is one of the guys that made building this much of a key element of the game and epic just- ok -ig isthisvex

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  • Insta is kryptal_tv ninga needs not pay pros it’s not fair

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  • are u still giving away vbucks

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  • 0:20 thanks for continuing onto the video WHILE promoting, it gets really annoying when people stop the video for almost 3 minutes whenever they are promoting

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  • Honestly I used to hate ninja, but now he has become a better person

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    • Scythe alt aw you lost and now start crying

      SimonUserSimonUser4 kuukautta sitten
    • SimonUser dude can you stop it’s just an opinion. Like you like him soooo much for some reason

      Scythe altScythe alt4 kuukautta sitten
    • SimonUser stfu

      Scythe altScythe alt4 kuukautta sitten
    • Scythe alt it’s not an opinion lol, it’s you ignoring facts

      SimonUserSimonUser4 kuukautta sitten
    • Scythe alt I can even go further and prove with evidence: ninja uploaded his yt video of him playing with drake( which made fortnite become this popular in March 2018, tfue joined faze clan (which made him famous ) on may 1st 2018 (tfue got famous bcs fortnite got famous bcs ninja played it) tfg noticed this and started his channel 23th of may 2018...

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  • I was wondering... who won the pc’s the Xbox, ps4... I ate 44 apple in one game I thought I was in the top but maybe not. My ig is not_t1nth

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  • Thanks for keeping us updated everyday👍👍👍 ig: big_brain_mystic12

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  • 8:14 fall guys is Waaaaaay to better then Fortnite 🤚🏻

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  • Sway must be trolling

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  • that finial cut was so off. dont have twitter or ig

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  • Dident like the ending🤬 just joking super Nice content keep up the good work Twitter : TumBot

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  • Bruh that’s sad

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